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  • A podcast, how does it work?

    What exactly is a podcast? How can we listen to them?

    1. Podcast: what is an RSS feed?

      Podcasts do not appear out of the blue on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podcast Addicts and Google Podcasts. All these platforms use an RSS feed, which is like the lifeline of your podcast. This feed contains the main details of your show, i.e., its URL, its description, its cover, etc. Therefore, any time a new episode is published, it appears automatically on the playing software to which the RSS feed has been sent.

    2. Playing podcasts: the main mobile apps

      How can you play podcasts? Today, most people use their smartphones. On iOS and Google Play, there are many podcast apps through which you can download and listen to your favorite shows. Some of them are so good that you will soon spend hours browsing them in search of your favorite podcasts.

    3. How to rate a podcast on Apple Podcasts?

      Don’t forget to give five stars and comment on the show on iTunes!” You must have heard that at the end of your favorite podcasts. It’s time we told you why so many creators do that, and why rating is so important on Apple Podcasts.

    4. How to play a podcast?

      Playing podcasts is the easiest thing on Earth… when you are used to it! But for newcomers or people who are not into IT, it might be difficult due to the myriad of apps available on the market. In fact, unlike video streaming, the podcasting world is very diverse.

    5. What is a podcast?

      “Podcast” – quite a strange word, isn’t it? Ask your friends what they think it is and you might get a myriad of answers.


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