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    “Podcast” – quite a strange word, isn’t it? Ask your friends what they think it is and you might get a myriad of answers.

    The cleverest of them would enthusiastically talk about how great that medium of the future is, while the most pessimistic would just think it is a fad. Some others might show off and explain that it is an abbreviated word combining "iPod" and "broadcast", while some others might admit they don’t know the answer and parrot back Wikipedia’s definition: “An episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download in order to listen to.” Finally, some might refer to their favorite radio shows replays, while others might talk about the countless "native" podcasts, i.e. audio creations made to be broadcasted live.

    Podcasting is all that and more. More importantly, it is an encounter between someone who has something to say and someone else who wants to listen and who has time for it. Podcasting is an easy, accessible and modern means of communication for those who have something to say. No need to find a radio studio, nor to invest loads of money 💸. You don’t have to be an engineer either to speak behind your microphone and convey your message or deliver your speech to a potentially wide audience. Podcasting is about closeness and freedom: you are free to create, record and broadcast your episodes whenever you want. Plus, you don’t feel the pressure of the audience ratings.

    As for the listeners, their true worth is fully appreciated. Podcasts free the audience from a predefined program grid. Not so long ago, music lovers had to put up with a playlist created by someone else, more often than not, a host who wanted to appeal to a wide audience. But the listeners have taken the power back and can now make their own playlists on Deezer or Spotify. Podcasting helped revolutionize classic radio shows. You, the audience, can now listen to whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want.

    In fact, there are no rules. You can listen to them on the train or in the car, while working out, or before going to bed, whether it be on your laptop, tablet, or your mobile phone. More importantly, you can listen to whatever you like. Podcasts are all about diversity. You will find whatever you want, no matter what you are passionate about or what you are into at the moment. If you are a true crime lover 🔪, you will love Serial or Untold! If you are keen on comedy, music, or Hollywood 🎬, then WTF? with Marc Maron is for you. If you are a beer lover 🍻, go listen to She’s Crafty! If you feel like going down the conspiracy rabbit hole, you will have a good time with Joe Rogan Experience. Finally, if you happen to be a Game of Thrones addict 🐺, go for Binge Mode: Game of Thrones...

    This is why podcasting works: it breaks down the barriers between those who have stories to tell and those who have always wanted to listen to them without necessarily being aware of it; they have come down to their simplest form, more often than not, that of a mobile phone. And no matter where you stand, whether you want to be the one behind the microphone or the listener, Podcastics is definitely made for you.


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