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  • Frequency: finding the right slot into your listeners’ routine

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    Do you also hate it when your Monday night soap opera episode starts at 9:05pm instead of 8:55 as initially planned? Okay, you may not be into that kind of shows, but you get the gist. Well, it is not so different for podcasts listeners: if they expect your episodes to be published every Monday at 12:30pm but one day you decide to delay that by an hour, a day, or even worse, a week, chances are they won’t appreciate it! Avid listeners become creatures of habit, so try to cater to their routine.

    Of course, you can smooth the rough edges by using your charm or sense of communication, but the best thing is to set a schedule and stick to it; this routine is crucial for both you and your audience. You can record a few episodes in advance if necessary, in order to anticipate any future obstacle. One can never be too cautious.

    You may have also noticed that most podcasts are posted on Mondays or Tuesdays rather than on Fridays or weekends? This is no coincidence: the number of listeners decreases throughout the week, so keep that in mind when you choose your day, but that doesn’t mean you need to do what everybody else does either. You should do what suits you the most: podcasting should fit in with your personal, family and professional life. Your listeners will do the same: they can listen to your shows right when they get released... or a few days later.

    Splitting a podcast into seasons: useful or useless?

    What is the purpose? First of all, it is not a prerequisite, as some themes or formats don’t require a break between two sets of episodes. However, splitting a show into several seasons can be useful or even clever when the topic or the point of view changes over time. Take Serial for instance: they start a new season as soon as they are finished with a case.

    But more importantly, splitting your show into seasons can give you a few weeks to rest, because the podcasting grind is tiring and time-consuming. It is natural to feel like taking a break once in a while. This may even be beneficial, as it will give you time to think about new ideas or views.

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