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    Podcasting is like a relationship: you have to keep the flame alive over time. The bond you share with your listeners is not only based on your posting episodes online on a regular basis. During the week(s) leading to your next episode, there are various tools you can use to keep in touch with your audience and even try to reach new fans.

    Social media is a main key to your future success. Podcast fans are young and into new technologies. Most of your listeners use Twitter, that’s for sure, so use it too! You must promote your next episode through your social pages. Many hosts also utilize and automatic video player.

    Through Twitter and Instagram, you can also stay in touch with your audience and create a real community:

    • by bouncing back on headlines and linking them to the content of your shows;
    • by inviting them backstage, showing a couple of sneak peeks of your recording sessions;
    • by teasing or plugging your next episode;
    • by interacting through “inside jokes” linked to past episodes (don’t force yourself, it will come naturally);
    • by actively exchanging, either by answering questions or asking your audience to share their ideas and advice so you can improve your podcast...

    This list is not exhaustive. There are other ways to interact with your followers. Still, Twitter and Instagram are the best tools to reach a new audience and gain visibility. If you are no expert in hashtags and retweets, there is plenty of good advice online you may find useful. Who knows, maybe the podcaster in the making will also become a marketing genius someday!

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