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  • Host and distribute your podcast with Podcastics

    Creation, hosting, distribution, statistics, audio players… your podcast deserves the best podcast platform.

    1. Podcast statistics: relevance and flexibility

      It is not easy to get reliable, accurate and detailed statistics when it comes to podcasts. It is why Podcastics has decided to cover as much data as possible in its simple and intuitive interface, to give you the most realistic picture of your audience.

    2. Podcast audio players: made for all users

      Podcastics provides you with five ad and spam logo free smart audio players for your podcasts. They are all easy to embed and customise. However, each one of them has its own features and is made for a specific use.

    3. Managing your podcast: put your team forward

      It seems impossible to manage a podcast solo. Perhaps you work with a team of pundits who would be glad to get more involved? Perhaps you manage a podcast on behalf of a client? Either way, Podcastics give you the opportunity to put your team forward.

    4. Podcastics subscriptions: custom-made packs

      Podcastics offers four packs that are specifically tailored for all kinds of uses. Which one is the best for you? No worries: you cannot get wrong; you can try them for a month, free of charge and with no obligation.

    5. Starting a podcast in five steps with Podcastics

      Starting a podcast is not rocket science, even if you don’t know much about IT. Still, Podcastics has managed to make the process even simpler. Here are the five steps to follow.

    6. Your podcast web page: a turnkey showcase

      Your podcast deserves a real showcase. Therefore, Podcastics provides you with a complete website which can be managed and updated without any IT skills. The social media functions have been tailored to make it easy for you to interact with your audience.

    7. A free RSS feed for your podcast: courtesy of Podcastics

      If you want your podcast to feature on Apple Podcasts, if you want to make it available on Google Podcasts or any other platform, you must create your RSS feed once you have chosen your host. Good news: Podcastics can take care of this for you… and for free!

    8. Podcast hosting: do-it-yourself or all-inclusive pack?

      Recording and editing is important, but it is just a part of the creation process as far as podcasting is concerned. Once your audio file is ready, you want to share it with the world. But it cannot be done in a heartbeat: you must find the best hosting solution first.

    9. Why choose Podcastics to host your podcast?

      If you have a podcast project or if you are looking for a new host, you certainly might ask yourself this question: why choose Podcastics? To help you answer it, here are the thoughts of the podcasters who have chosen to trust us. Like you, all are driven by the same desire to put their podcasts in good hands.


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