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    Podcastics provides you with five ad and spam logo free smart audio players for your podcasts. They are all easy to embed and customise. However, each one of them has its own features and is made for a specific use.


    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

    Leonardo da Vinci’s words were central to Podcastics’ range of podcast audio players. No need to be a computer guy to make the most of them.

    You will see for yourself: they are easy to embed and perfectly tailored to all uses.


    The Extended player: the best way to integrate content in a web page



    It is Podcastics’ default player, i.e. the one you will find on your podcast’s web page. It features all the sharing functions (email, download, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Deezer, Stitcher, etc.) you can set through Podcastics’ manager.

    It also features the episode description, its publication date and the social media links you have listed in the “Information” tab (the “i” icon in the top-right corner).

    Like all Podcastics’ audio players, it is fully compatible with smartphones and tablets.

    The Extended player is a complete player that will prove very useful.


    The Playlist player: an episode list and a search engine



    The Playlist player follows the same format as the Extended player and also features the list of your episodes. This list shows your podcast’s seasons and episode numbers, as well as their duration and publication date.

    On top of the episode list, there is a search engine that will help you find any word from the presentation sheets of your episodes. It is hidden by default; you just need to scroll down your episode list to see it. Handy, isn’t it?

    Podcastics has added little extra regarding integration; if you copy-paste the URL of your podcast’s web page in one of your posts or in a comment, the playlist will display; if you copy-paste the URL of an episode, then the extended player will display, as if by magic!


    The Light player: be a featherweight!



    If you need to integrate many players to a page full of content, then you need the Light player.

    It features the main buttons required to play your show; it also features a link to your podcast’s web page as well as an Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts button (depending on the platform you use).


    The Cover player: promote your imagery



    If you are really proud of your podcast’s cover, then the Cover player will be perfect. Like the Extended player, it features sharing options and the Information tab.


    The Wide player: the ultimate player



    Your podcast’s cover will be displayed in a wide format, and you can browse your episodes too. It is made for wide pages!



    podcast-player-customization.jpg.0929129ffc9a789a9670007b778bc7a8.jpgOf course, you don’t have to stick to a grey background; a wide range of colour is available for fully customised players.

    You can choose:

    • The background colours of your players;
    • The text colour;
    • The link colour;

    For the Cover player, you can customise the playing order (chronological or reverse chronological) of your episodes.

    For the Cover and Wide players, you can even select the position of the cover (top, centre or bottom):




    Finally, if you really are into IT and can encode style sheets, you can even customise your CSS for total freedom!

    In other words, whatever your needs, Podcastics has the perfect player for you.

    If you have registered your podcast’s Patreon or PayPal page, the “Support us” button will automatically appear on your player. That’s another thing you won’t have to care about!



    You want to embed one of your audio players in your web page?

    It is very easy: the Podcastics manager features many customisation options and automatically generates an HTML code you can paste in your web page.




    We told you: Podcastics audio players are a piece of cake!


    Lisa Simpson GIF by The Simpsons

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    Il y a 14 heures, Trudi Lee Richards a écrit :

    Sounds great - but what do I DO with the code once I copy it???? How do I use it in my website? I have a wordpress website - wingedlionpress.org - and I'm sorry, but it just isn't obvious to me... 😕

    On your WordPress admin page editor, add a Shortcode block, and simply paste the code that you have copied from Podcastics; then save your page.

    And that's it! Your Podcastics audio player will be automatically displayed in your WordPress page.

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