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  • Podcastics subscriptions: custom-made packs

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    Podcastics offers four packs that are specifically tailored for all kinds of uses. Which one is the best for you? No worries: you cannot get wrong; you can try them for a month, free of charge and with no obligation.

    Free pack: no charges, basic functions

    podcast-subscription-free.jpg.fc3568eb01a72811bf079fdad2ff9d16.jpgYes, you can access Podcastics’ basic functions for free. Of course, this starter pack does not feature podcast hosting, podcast stats and audio players. However, you can import and manage your podcast, and enjoy a few extras, such as:

    • A website featuring your podcast details and all your episodes (you cannot customise it nor write articles).
    • Exposure to Podcastics users, who can receive notifications and subscribe to your podcast.

    To sum things up, the Free pack is made for podcasters who use another hosting solution and want to get used to the Podcastics interface. So have a go! It is free and we are sure you will feel good with us!

    Premium pack: $4, main features, no hosting

    podcast-pricing-premium.jpg.bc42a92c9650a7ce1b55e953c7deb44a.jpgIf you already use a hosting solution, you still can enjoy the main Podcastics features for no more than a Happy Meal’s worth. And as you are too old for a Happy Meal (let’s be honest), there is no need to hesitate.

    Podcastics’ Premium pack includes a customisable website featuring your posts, your most relevant stats, reviews, rates, and comments. It is the best value for money in terms of services; you will enjoy comfort and open new perspectives as a podcaster.

    Pro pack: $8, a complete offer including hosting

    podcast-pricing-pro.jpg.ac139f30afc7fc33752d10600c0a9f57.jpgFor those who want to add hosting to Podcastics’ services to centralise everything on a single platform, here is the perfect pack. Unlimited storage and bandwidth, support from Amazon’s powerful servers: our Pro pack will not let you down.

    And here is the icing on the cake: our Content Delivery Network (CDN) will distribute your audio files throughout eight locations over Europe and North America. It will bring you closer to your listeners, who will not have to wait for your podcast to load thanks to a fast-track service.

    For inactive podcasts, Podcastics has designed an Archive pack that will keep your show online for cheap. It costs only $5/month and uses the same features as the Pro pack, including its high-performance hosting. But nothing is permanent of course: if you ever want to upload episodes again, you can switch to a Pro or Max pack in two clicks.

    Max pack: high-speed hosting

    podcast-pricing-max.jpg.cde0494606e69543942ca8dc072dbb45.jpgHere is a pack tailored for those who need the best for their podcast, those who want to drive the Rolls Royce of hosting and whose financial means equal their ambitions. The Max pack provides you with extremely high speed all over the world by distributing your audio files throughout 35 locations. Except if they live in places like Siberia or Patagonia, all your listeners can enjoy your podcast without running out of patience, be they in Asia, South Africa, or Brazil. That’s as good as it gets!



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