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  • Starting a podcast in five steps with Podcastics

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    Starting a podcast is not rocket science, even if you don’t know much about IT. Still, Podcastics has managed to make the process even simpler. Here are the five steps to follow.

    1. Pick a subscription pack

    Your adventure as a podcaster starts here, on our “Create a podcast” page. You can pick the subscription pack that suits your needs and expectations among those available on Podcastics. We have broken the back of the work for you by listing the details of each pack here.

    podcastics-pricing-subscription.jpg.e129505fe8c2bb21c5c70b896c0a992f.jpgLet’s assume you need a complete package, i.e. a subscription including podcast hosting, a website, statistics and audio players. Then go for the Pro pack!

    2. Create an account

    You have picked your favourite subscription pack. If not done yet, you must create a Podcastics account. To do so, you need to give us several details, such as your username, your email address, and your password. Well, it is the same for any internet website. Easy, right?



    3. Create or import your podcast

    Now let’s get down to business! Once you have your pack and your account, you are left with two options: either you Import an existing podcast or you Create a new podcast.




    Of course, the Import option only works for already existing podcasts, i.e. those that already have an RSS feed, several episodes, etc. In other words, it is for those who had a life before Podcastics. However, if your audio files are still waiting for their first listeners, then go for the second option, i.e. Create a new podcast.

    4. Fill in the details of your podcast

    Now you should name your podcast! You have been thinking about your show and its structure for weeks; you have been working on a title, you have been designing a cover. And that’s great, as these are details you must register – a sexy title, a striking subtitle, an accurate and catchy description, an attention-drawing cover, etc.




    You also need to categorise (and maybe subcategorise) your podcast, determine the presentation order of your episodes, add your social media, etc. It is like making your podcast’s ID card.

    5. Add episodes

    This is already the last – and most important – step of your Podcastics debut: transferring and hosting your episodes on the platform. Don’t panic, it’s all going to be fine. Here is the page you will end up on if you have followed the four steps above:




    It’s not very scary, is it? If your first episodes are ready (in mp3 or mp4 and max 300MB), the rest is only a formality, especially if you have read our post on the written presentation of your episodes.

    For those who still have to record their episodes, no worries! Our Help section is full of tips and tricks. You should start with our articles on how to pick the right microphone, and on the basics of recording and editing on Audacity. After that, come back to us! You will be as eager as excited to upload your audio files. Even though we are used to it, the birth of a podcast remains a moving event for us!

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