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  • Your podcast web page: a turnkey showcase

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    Your podcast deserves a real showcase. Therefore, Podcastics provides you with a complete website which can be managed and updated without any IT skills. The social media functions have been tailored to make it easy for you to interact with your audience.

    You may have noticed that it is not easy to be in constant interaction with your listeners. More often than not, they do like your show but do not feel like reacting or commenting. Obviously, even social media have their own limits, so you need a decent website to liven your podcast up between episodes.

    Podcastics make your website user-friendly. Your episodes are automatically uploaded upon publication and your Twitter feed, if previously registered, is updated live. We also put forward your RSS feed, your Facebook page, your email address, and your Spotify page. In other words, the most relevant data appear so your website becomes a crossroads for your audience.

    Your web page remains fully customisable though: you can choose the colours and the display of your cover, you can open comments and rating to your audience for each episode, you can create a top-list of the most popular episodes, you can display your audience-related stats, etc. Podcastics is your home so we will not tell you how to paint 🖌️ your walls, nor deny you the right to tear down a wall! By the way, if you know a thing or two when it comes to computers, you can even register your customised CSS so your website reflects your whole work.


    Once your cocoon suits your taste and personality, you must make the most of it. Your website is shaped like a blog so you can post articles, either to tease your next episode, to make a huge announcement regarding your podcast, or to show pictures of your latest recording session. This space is yours; to help you customise it, the text editor features many functions, such as automatic integration for YouTube and Vimeo videos, or Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts. Oh, you want more! Have a look at our emoji catalogue then!

    podcast-website-community.jpg.30d26c12fab0b3c7176a175ad6b83d88.jpg“Hey dude! That guy keeps bragging about his emojis but what about the social media functions he talked about three paragraphs before?” Well, there they are: not only can your audience rate and comment on your episodes, but they can also react to your articles. If you want to arouse interaction, you can even add polls to your posts. Those who decide to subscribe to your podcast or to an episode will receive notifications, so they stay tuned to your news and the debates you have raised. Not to sound cocky or anything, but a Podcastics-generated web page is like a Greek agora, a toga-free Roman forum, or even Hyde Park’s Speakers’ Corner… live from your couch!


    Audience put aside, teamwork is often the key when it comes to podcasts, and you may have a crew of speakers or pundits behind you. Podcastics give you the opportunity to help them get involved even more by giving them special rights. You remain the one in charge of your subscription of course, but your partners may be given access to your podcast stats and may be allowed to post articles on your website. It is a perfect tool to arouse a healthy emulation among your teammates!


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