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Season 8
S08E148 What is the glory of God? | God's Glory, Our Delight 41 min 05/09/2022
S08E147 Digital detox for kids | with Molly DeFrank 40 min 05/02/2022
S08E146 Where can I experience God's glory? | with John Lambert 39 min 04/25/2022
S08E145 God is moving in France! | with David Broussard 45 min 04/18/2022
S08E144 How to live a life worthy of life | Os Guinness | Easter 2022 50 min 04/11/2022
Season 7
S07E143 Be inspired with real-life heroes of faith | with Jasmine Holmes 35 min 04/04/2022
S07E142 Can I really make a difference? | Shades of Red 27 min 03/28/2022
S07E141 How can I respectfully step into the racial dialogue? | Shades of Red 49 min 03/23/2022
S07E140 Standing up to oppression | Informed. Interceding. Involved. Influencing 15 min 03/21/2022
S07E139 Repairing racial brokenness | A fresh vision for deep healing with Duke Kwon and Gregory Thompson 46 min 03/14/2022
S07E138 What does the Bible teach about slavery? | Paul's letter to Philemon 32 min 03/07/2022
S07E137 Embrace the upside-down Kingdom | Shades of Red 26 min 02/28/2022
S07E136 Building a legacy under I AM | with Pastor Jamal Johnson | Shades of Red 44 min 02/21/2022
S07E135 The consequences of the curse | Shades of Red 17 min 02/14/2022
S07E134 The spiritual law of gravity | Shades of Red 19 min 02/07/2022
S07E133 What affects one affects all | with poet and Pastor Drew Jackson | Shades of Red 49 min 01/31/2022
S07E132 Love is a choice | Shades of Red 18 min 01/24/2022
S07E131 We are all SHADES OF RED. 18 min 01/17/2022
S07E130 Loving the least of these | fighting human trafficking in our own communities with Raleigh Sadler 40 min 01/10/2022
S07E129 Dream for 2022 today | with Whitney Reynolds 48 min 01/03/2022
Season 6
S06E128 Bring fresh spice in the bedroom | with Sheila Wray Gregoire 59 min 12/27/2021
S06E127 God invites us to co-create beauty | with Christie Purifoy 51 min 12/20/2021
S06E126 Enter God's presence in your wilderness 30 min 12/13/2021
S06E125 Three ways to encounter Jesus this Christmas | with Cindy DeBoer, Marci Renee & Christine Trimpe 55 min 12/08/2021
S06E124 Redeem your Christmas shopping & honor Christ | with Kristen Welch 35 min 12/06/2021
S06E123 The Chosen | with producers Chad Gundersen and Chris Juen 57 min 12/01/2021
S06E122 What does our future hold? 54 min 11/29/2021
S06E121 How do we prepare room for God this Christmas? | with Susie Larson 53 min 11/22/2021
S06E120 How can we enter the Holy of Holies? 49 min 11/15/2021
S06E119 Holy Hush. 52 min 11/08/2021
S06E118 Holding on when you want to let go | with Sheila Walsh 48 min 11/01/2021
S06E117 What are YOU asking about the wilderness experience? 56 min 10/25/2021
S06E116 Are you worthy to enter? 52 min 10/18/2021
S06E115 How can we personally live up to our calling to freedom today? | with Os Guinness - Part 2 31 min 10/13/2021
S06E114 Can we find true freedom for both society and the human soul? | with Os Guinness - Part 1 48 min 10/11/2021
S06E113 What is the perspective of heaven? 47 min 10/04/2021
S06E112 How did we get here? | A wilderness experience 1 hr 2 min 09/27/2021
S06E111 What can I do today to fight human trafficking? | with Rebecca Bender 39 min 09/20/2021
S06E110 How should we understand today’s Middle East? | Joel Rosenberg, part 2 47 min 09/15/2021
S06E109 What is happening in the Middle East today? | with Joel Rosenberg 53 min 09/13/2021
Season 5
S05E108 What will you choose: sit on the sidelines, or stand in the battle? 28 min 09/06/2021
S05E107 What is my spiritual armor? Part 2 | A shield, a helmet, a sword and a secret weapon 30 min 08/30/2021
S05E106 Can God TRULY be enough? with Erica Wiggenhorn 57 min 08/23/2021
S05E105 What is my spiritual armor? Part 1 | A belt, a breastplate and a pair of shoes 34 min 08/16/2021
S05E104 How do I use the spiritual armor of God? 33 min 08/09/2021
S05E103 Spice up your marriage | with Bill & Pam Farrel 52 min 08/02/2021
S05E102 What does it look like to belong to the Father? 41 min 07/26/2021
S05E101 What does it mean to be "in Christ"? 37 min 07/19/2021
S05E100 You're invited! Celebrate 100 episodes with our team 1 hr 15 min 07/12/2021
S05E99 How do we practice yoga to the glory of God? | with Miranda Jo Davis 32 min 07/10/2021
S05E98 Discover God at work through media in Pakistan | with Naina Mall 28 min 07/09/2021
S05E97 How can I get rid of my judgmental spirit? | with Michelle Rayburn 30 min 07/08/2021
S05E96 Challenge the way you think, change the way you live | with Jessica Hottle 37 min 07/07/2021
S05E95 Discover the work of a safe house for survivors of human trafficking in India 43 min 07/06/2021
S05E94 Where is the gospel in YOUR story? | with Megan Brown 50 min 07/05/2021
S05E93 Find yourself in the eyes of Christ | with Tessa Afshar 43 min 06/28/2021
Season 4
S04E92 How do I cultivate my spiritual heart? 45 min 06/21/2021
S04E91 Danielle and Matt Forté | from pro football to Christ 39 min 06/14/2021
S04E90 What is distracting me from God today? 42 min 06/07/2021
S04E89 What is keeping me away from God today? 42 min 05/31/2021
S04E88 Amanda & Dallas Jenkins | The Chosen: taste & see the spice of the gospel! 53 min 05/24/2021
S04E87 How can I live in deeper awareness of God's love for me? 38 min 05/17/2021
S04E86 "Take courage! For I am with you", says the Lord | with Jennifer Rothschild 38 min 05/10/2021
S04E85 Can my pride be good? 47 min 05/03/2021
S04E84 How can we move from fear to faith? 45 min 04/26/2021
S04E83 Overcoming worry with faith | Jill Briscoe’s life lessons 32 min 04/19/2021
S04E82 How can we cultivate spiritual integrity? 39 min 04/12/2021
S04E81 What is wisdom? How do we grow in it? 42 min 04/05/2021
S04E80 The scandal and glory of pure worship | Easter 2021 with Liz Curtis Higgs 35 min 03/29/2021
S04E79 Do you know the power of what's in your hands? | with Geof Morin, CEO, Biblica 38 min 03/22/2021
Season 3
S03E78 Can we learn to rethink comparison? 44 min 03/15/2021
S03E77 How do we know that the resurrection actually happened? 35 min 03/08/2021
S03E76 From the cross to your heart | 7 statements to change your life 32 min 03/01/2021
S03E75 Prayerwalking, the secret to change | with Janet McHenry 35 min 02/22/2021
S03E74 What do you do when life sends its worst? | with Carol Kent 48 min 02/15/2021
S03E73 Can we disappoint God? 29 min 02/08/2021
S03E72 What do your enemies say about you? 30 min 02/01/2021
S03E71 Jesus in Athens: God on the move | with Darren Carlson 34 min 01/25/2021
S03E70 Finding inspiration in the mundane 29 min 01/18/2021
S03E69 2021: Fully known and perfectly loved 45 min 01/11/2021
S03E68 More power to you! | with Margaret Feinberg 49 min 01/04/2021
S03E67 Grow from 2020 to embrace 2021, with Connie Albers 34 min 12/28/2020
S03E66 Jesus, are You the One? (Stephanie's special Christmas gift to you) 59 min 12/21/2020
S03E65 Afraid of the Light - with Cynthia Ruchti 47 min 12/14/2020
S03E64 God's glory, our Christmas delight! 33 min 12/07/2020
S03E63 Faith: trust that has been tested and tried! Welcome to the gospel of Luke. 48 min 11/30/2020
Season 2
S02E62 Cultivating our God-shaped dreams, with Merritt Onsa 38 min 11/23/2020
S02E61 Are you wondering how to cling to God through your "why" questions? 30 min 11/16/2020
S02E60 Have you ever wondered, "WHY, God?" 30 min 11/09/2020
S02E59 What can our sexuality teach us about God? with Shannon Ethridge 47 min 11/02/2020
S02E58 Have you ever been puzzled or shocked by a Bible verse? 41 min 10/26/2020
S02E57 Is spiritual fog hindering your visibility? 42 min 10/19/2020
S02E56 The struggle is real, but so is God! with Misty Phillip 30 min 10/12/2020
S02E55 How can we live the life God created us for? 33 min 10/05/2020
S02E54 Come and dance with Jesus through the Psalms! 33 min 09/28/2020
S02E53 "I see you." with Naomi Zacharias, Part 2 36 min 09/21/2020
S02E52 "I see you." with Naomi Zacharias, Part 1 33 min 09/14/2020
Season 1
S01E51 How is God using your voice amidst your overwhelming hardships? with Julie Hamilton 40 min 09/07/2020
S01E50 Special Q&A! YOU ask... Stephanie answers! Part 2 52 min 08/31/2020
S01E49 Interview: How do you help others fall in love with God amidst anxiety and stress? 32 min 08/24/2020
S01E48 Special Q&A! Everything you have always wanted to know about Stephanie and the Podcast! 47 min 08/17/2020
S01E47 Interview: Do you know your purpose? How about your calling? 31 min 08/10/2020
S01E46 Taste and See that the Lord is good! Final episode on Matthew! 44 min 08/03/2020
S01E45 Have you ever wondered if Jesus mentioned you in His parables? 24 min 07/27/2020
S01E44 Interview: How do you know that you are walking with God? 36 min 07/20/2020
S01E43 Do you belong to the Kingdom of God? Ask Jesus. 30 min 07/13/2020
S01E42 How does yesterday's rejection bless YOU today? 31 min 07/06/2020
S01E41 Interview: God, do You see me? Do You even care? 37 min 06/29/2020
S01E40 Unity stronger than division 24 min 06/22/2020
S01E39 Are you a citizen of heaven? 26 min 06/15/2020
S01E38 How do you protect your child against trafficking? 42 min 06/08/2020
S01E37 Pentecost: the gift from the Giver, to us, the gifted! 34 min 06/01/2020
S01E36 The Ascension: Jesus’ gift to you! 29 min 05/25/2020
S01E35 Interview: What do you do when life doesn't go your way? 37 min 05/18/2020
S01E34 Fresh flavors for daily living 26 min 05/11/2020
S01E33 Grace: the taste of freedom 31 min 05/04/2020
S01E32 A biblical look at physical intimacy in marriage 34 min 04/27/2020
S01E31 You too are welcome on the Mountain. How will you RSVP? 21 min 04/20/2020
S01E30 A mountaintop experience 23 min 04/13/2020
S01E29 Interview: For such a time as this: Easter amidst Covid-19 35 min 04/06/2020
S01E28 Easter: a faith grounded in reason and in miracles. 55 min 03/30/2020
S01E00 Interview: Move from fear to hope TODAY amidst Covid-19 25 min 03/27/2020
S01E27 Experience Jesus in the Upper Room 35 min 03/23/2020
S01E26 Interview: A journey of faith, amazing tales, and an epic God! 44 min 03/16/2020
S01E25 Tested, tried, and true. 33 min 03/09/2020
S01E24 Testing our mettle 26 min 03/02/2020
S01E23 Interview: Today's spices? Hope, Joy, and Love! 47 min 02/24/2020
S01E22 Palm Sunday, part 2: Behold our Groom! 20 min 02/17/2020
S01E21 Palm Sunday: A wedding in the making! 27 min 02/10/2020
S01E20 Interview: What truly matters! 30 min 02/03/2020
S01E19 Forged in fire 29 min 01/27/2020
S01E18 How good is good enough? 22 min 01/20/2020
S01E17 Interview: Here's to a joyful and efficient 2020! 37 min 01/13/2020
S01E16 Jesus, Jonah, and the Jews 24 min 01/06/2020
S01E15 Proudly wear your team colors! 27 min 12/30/2019
S01E14 Interview: Christmas in the early church: a modern-day testimony! 26 min 12/23/2019
S01E13 A Christmas calling 47 min 12/16/2019
S01E12 Three Kings bearing gifts... this is Gospel Spice Christmas! 26 min 12/09/2019
S01E11 Nutmeg family spice: welcome to Gospel Spice Christmas! 30 min 12/02/2019
S01E10 Jesus in the Old Testament: breathtaking glimpses from mountain peaks 23 min 11/25/2019
S01E09 Interview: The tension of living in our unfinished stories 39 min 11/18/2019
S01E08 Tasting the spice for the first time 33 min 11/11/2019
S01E07 Interview: Making wishes come true 40 min 11/04/2019
S01E06 Matthew who?!? 34 min 10/28/2019
S01E05 Jesus, Son of God and Son of Man 41 min 10/21/2019
S01E04 Who does Jesus say He is? 29 min 10/14/2019
S01E03 The spice of the gospel 27 min 10/07/2019
S01E02 Why does the lack of cultural awareness distort our Christian experience? 23 min 10/01/2019
S01E00 Gospel Spice in a nutshell: taste and see that the Lord is good! 6 min 10/01/2019
S01E00 Welcome to Gospel Spice! 6 min 10/01/2019
S01E01 Why Gospel Spice? Why does it matter to you, today? 21 min 10/01/2019