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Utah's Hottest Music!

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Organizing, Food, and Movies?
We don't know what's going on now
19 min /
What A Hot Mess... Flights and Twitter?
Let's talk about this hot mess
23 min /
What's The WORST Thanksgiving Dish???
You have to make one dish for thanksgiving... What's the one you DON'T want to make?
23 min /
We Don't Have Healthy Coping Mechanisms
How do we fix it?
25 min /
Christmas Music and How to Help
You can really have an impact on people this holiday season
19 min /
Notifications Are Whack
Notifications are nice but also terrible
30 min /
Time, Adjustment, and More Hot Messery
23 min /
Hot Garbage and Messy Garages
It's all a hot mess.
34 min /
Whatcha gonna do tonight
25 min /
Concerts And What We Want
Have you ever had fomo?
25 min /
Nightmare on VFX Street
Got nightmares?
21 min /
How Do They Have The Audacity??
These people are... ridiculous
23 min /
There's so much weird work stuff happening
16 min /
How Do We Get Nick Names??
They're odd, they're weird, how do we get them though?
24 min /
What's A Berry? We're Berry Confused
The most confusing thing we've ever experienced....
20 min /
Let's Play A Gaaaaaame.
Also, what's going on with your dreams?
27 min /
True Or False
What's true? What's false? are we geniuses??
14 min /
Too Old For Apps?
Sometimes you feel too old for apps, and sometimes you're too mature for apps
20 min /
Lazy Gym Clothes
How often do you wash your gym clothes?
23 min /
Mercury Retrograde Can Kick Rocks
How bad has it been for you??
13 min /
Eyeballing People in Comparison and Getting Banned
Why are we comparing each other so much?
22 min /
Life Hacks and Instructions For Living
What are the things you need to do to improve your life quickly?
18 min /
Hispanic Heritage Month
How can you celebrate?
17 min /
Scams and Spams
Have you been scammed?
15 min /
Burn Out and How To Recognize The Red Flags of it
We all get burned out.. So how do we stop it?
23 min /

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