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The Perspective

With McCall, Mima, and Producer Butterz

With McCall, Mima, and Producer Butterz

Mima's Goodbye and Rude Phrases
Do you say mean things
/ 24 min
Alllllll the halloween allllll the time
/ 28 min
Is it a Good Idea to do the Florida Man Games???
What a ridiculous competion.... we're in
/ 19 min
Late Fees are the WORST
What ridiculous fees have you had to pay???
/ 19 min
Vacation Oopsies
Ever go away on vacation and something went wrong?
/ 17 min
Halloween Costumes
DIY may be the wayy to go
/ 15 min
Random Wednesday
It's been a whiiiiile
/ 6 min
The FOUR letter word!
We are absolutely not looking forward to this....
/ 18 min
/ 23 min
BER season
We're in the best season we think
/ 24 min
National Coffee Day!
How are you celebrating??
/ 17 min
Never Returned
Have you ever borrowed something and never returned it
/ 15 min
What are some of the cool house features we've found
/ 22 min
Internet Drama
Are we involved in internet drama?? Yes
/ 21 min
Internet Shopping
Have you ever bought something because of the internet
/ 22 min
Our Own Personal Torture
What's the most minor worst things
/ 26 min
Six Degrees
Everyone is 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon
/ 23 min
Fall is here?
All the things fall
/ 24 min
Fall Cleaning?
Do we do this??
/ 26 min
Reality TV Madness
How did things format our brains
/ 23 min
Back 2 School
What do we look forward to? Do we hate it?
/ 23 min
Migraines Ew
McCall's life is ruined today...
/ 21 min
Crazy Weather
This weekend was whack
/ 19 min
Ghosts, UFO's, Aliens, and Paranormal
Today.... Things are weird
/ 29 min
Unusual Home Things
Everyone Has Weird stuff.... Let's talk about it
/ 31 min
Utah's VFX
Utah's Hottest Music!

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