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About Healing Podcast

About Healing Podcast

Inspiring self healing, soul growth, and raising consciousness through love, understanding and community.

Self Healing  *  Spiritual Awakening  *  Spiritual Guidance  *  Raising Consciousness*  


To create beautiful change in the world starts with your own healing. If you are reading this, trust that you were led here by your intuition and by the loving energies that surround and guide you.

Since my own awakening and self healing journey, I have dedicated my life to helping others on their pilgrimage.  As a Medium and Spiritual Healer with a background in social and human services, I help others to understand their soul lessons for this lifetime, how to reclaim personal power and guidance to self healing. 

We all have the power to heal ourselves, which is how and why I was guided to create this podcast.  To share the inspiring lessons I have learned from my own personal experience of self healing, from those I've been blessed to meet since my own awakening, as well as the wisdom of my guides and the incredible love and encouragement of spirit.

Whether you’re just beginning your spiritual and/or healing journey or an inspired healer, this is a place where we learn to grow together, to support one another, to understand we are not alone and that healing and growth are lifelong journeys.

Join me on this journey to begin living for your highest and best self.  It is through our shared experiences that we inspire others to continue this beautiful cycle of healing.  This is how we change the world and raise the vibration of collective consciousness.


Sheree Buckman, About Healing Medium 

Sheree is an empath, medium, psychic/intuitive living to help others in spiritual healing. She empowers others to live the lives they planned before birth, to find their purpose, understand their karmic lessons, and finding and aligning with their authentic selves.  

Websiteabouthealingmedium.com    Email: abouthealingmedium@gmail.com    Facebook/Instagram:  @abouthealingmedium

Copper Yuenger,  Executive Producer Extraordinaire

Copper is a blogger, Never Drink From Mommys Cup, who entertains the world with her honest, and hilarious, stories of being a mom, wife, and now a new fur parent of twins.  She previously co-hosted a popular podcast, Life Under the Laundry Pile, and is currently a guest host on another growing podcast.  With Copper's amazing work ethic and podcast experience, she is the backbone to running the About Healing Podcast.  

Email: abouthealingpodcast@gmail.com   Facebook/Instagram:  @neverdrinkfrommommyscup 


Season 2 Trailer
As Season Two Begins
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Season 2
Putting It All Together
What does all this work mean for you?
Season 2, episode 20
19 min /
Balance and Peace
The road to begin to live in and for love is to find your inner peace.
Season 2, episode 19
21 min /
Building and Maintaining Boundaries (Part 2)
Begin creating and using your own personal boundaries.
Season 2, episode 18
37 min /
About Boundaries (Part 1)
Boundaries are the rules and limits we set for ourselves.
Season 2, episode 17
22 min /
Guided Meditation 3
Releasing Cords
Season 2, episode 16
8 min /
Forgiveness Part Three
Foregiveness of Self
Season 2, episode 16
19 min /
Healing Tool One
Cutting Cords Letter (Forgiveness)
Season 2, episode 15
8 min /
Forgiveness Part Two
The Power of Forgiveness
Season 2, episode 15
22 min /
Forgiveness Part One
Life Without Forgiveness
Season 2, episode 14
26 min /
Love Yourself
One of if not the most healing acts you could do in your time is learn to love yourself… unconditionally.  
Season 2, episode 13
29 min /
Taking Your Own Advice
Why can't we take our own advice?
Season 2, episode 12
45 min /
Self Responsibility
Reclaiming your power also means being responsible and accountable for your actions and life.
Season 2, episode 11
26 min /
Intuition is your natural navigation system
Season 2, episode 10
27 min /
Interview with  Kathy Delaquis
A Journey of Surviving and Thriving
Season 2, episode 9
58 min /
Guided Meditation 2
Seeking Guidance
Season 2, episode 8
10 min /
Finding Your Truths
Just because a topic or ’truth’ is popular or commonly acceptable does not make it “the truth”
Season 2, episode 8
29 min /
Confronting False Beliefs
Facing the false beliefs that have held you back your whole life.
Season 2, episode 7
33 min /
The Truth About Fear
This little four letter word packs a big punch.
Season 2, episode 6
33 min /
Jennifer Wingard
An interview with Jennifer Wingard
Season 2, episode 5
43 min /
Grounding Meditation 1
Season 2, episode 4
13 min /
The Importance of Grounding
Using meditation as a tool to ground yourself.
Season 2, episode 4
38 min /
The Awakening
Time to shift gears and learn to change your perspective..
Season 2, episode 3
30 min /
Your Authentic Self
Finding yourself begins here.
Season 2, episode 2
31 min /
Awakening Into Your Power
The beginning of a new season and a new you!
Season 2, episode 1
18 min /
Season 2 Trailer
As Season Two Begins
Season 2, episode 0
2 min /

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