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Agents of Chaos

Agents of Chaos

By Joshua Namnoum

With all the misinformation out there, one group of friends with no skin in the game or higher education gather to share their opinions on topical debates and will share stories that make you question their credibility.

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A Squirrel on Elm Street
1 hr 2 min /
Army Hammer or R Lee Erney?
1 hr 8 min /
Scorched Earth
1 hr 5 min /
No Baby Guts No Glory
55 min /
The Ezra Miller Fan Club
53 min /
Podcasting For Dummies
42 min /
10,000 Things I Hate About You
54 min /
What About Bill?
49 min /
Someone f*ck my wife!
1 hr /
Terrible People
50 min /

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