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Andy's Ice Ultra Adventure

Andy's Ice Ultra Adventure

Andy's Journey to running 230km across the Artic Circle

Each episode is a conversation between Andy and his running coach Claire - the aim is to give an insight into how Andy is feeling in the preparation to the challenge, the Challenge itself and the the feeling after achieving the biggest physical and mental challenge of his life.

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Season 1
S1 EP01Marathon Running
Andy talks Marathons
Season 1, episode 1
41 min /
S01 EP2 Magical Marathons and the Challenge ahead!!
Believe in the process and the magic will start to happen
Season 1, episode 2
34 min /
SE01 EP03 Its all about the Training!!
What training for an Ultra really looks like!
Season 1, episode 3
49 min /
SE01 EP04 Just 10 days to go till Andy hits the ICE
Andy chats with Claire about how hes feeling this close to the Big Challenge
Season 1, episode 4
48 min /
SE01 EP05 36 Hours before the Start of the Ice Ultra
How am I feeling - I've arrived in Sweden
Season 1, episode 5
55 min /
SE01 EP06 The actual Challenge Day -1 and Day 1
The day before the race, the Start Line and Day One on the Ice
Season 1, episode 6
37 min /
SE01 EP07 The Challenge continues - Day 2 and 3
The Challenge continues - Day 2 and 3, Going deeper into the challenge when things start to get tough
Season 1, episode 7
42 min /
SE01 EP08 The Final instalment, Days 4 and 5
The final stages of the Challenge and lots of reflection!
Season 1, episode 8
1 hr 30 min /

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