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Practical resources for students and new practitioners of architecture to design, document and create easier and faster. Filling the gaps with what they don’t teach…

By LizWatt

ArchiMash.com Podcast provides practical resource for students and new practitioners of architecture to help you design, document and create easier and faster. It fills the gaps with what they don’t always teach!!

Each week we’ll discuss aspects of:

** DESIGN - so you can create better architecture;

** COMMUNICATIONS - so you can fully express your ideas in the most creative way possible;

** HISTORY + THEORY - so you can capitalise on the work of those who’ve gone before;

** DOCUMENTATION + CONSTRUCTION - so you can make your designs a reality;

** PRACTICE + STUDY - so that you can be a better architect.

I’ll answer your questions and share as many tips, tricks and lessons I’ve learned over many, many years as an architect, project manager and teacher of architecture and design.

~~ Liz Watt, Archimash.com

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What Does An Architect Do Exactly? What Does An Architect Do On A Daily Basis?
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What Is Architecture? What Makes Architecture, Architecture?
Architecture can be considered functional, art, a political statement, a social statement, and so much more. But what is it at its core?
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