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Aspirationelles Podcast

Aspirationelles Podcast

Where passion meets self-Innovation! For women Leaders, Creators, Side Hustlers, and Multipotentialites to live up to their aspirations and thrive by design.

Aspirationelles On Air Podcast is for women who:

  • believe they can reconcile passion with life work
  • thrive when being creative & grow toward a purpose 
  • aspire to be total rock star in what they do and who they are so they become their best selves

In this show, it's all about inspiration, creative confidence and guidance for Aspirationelles women to become the leaders and creators they've always wanted to be in their careers and life-style. You are a leader, side hustler, entrepreneur or multipotentialite, and look to connect with like minded ambitious & authentic women, you've found your tribe! 

Celebrating non linear paths, creativity and empowered change, this show is for women who aspire to go "out there".

That’s also why I created my company & coaching programme at Aspirationelles.com, a leadership & personal growth platform where you can connect with me and find support in your transformational journey.

Through my coaching, I’m here to help you with self-doubt, procrastination, lack of creative confidence and an unclear leadership brand that all is keeping you stuck so you can thrive and live your best life!

Also, you can follow me on instagram and access the free masterclass here:

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Why now has never been a better time to start your passion project
Why should start your passion project in 2023
56 min /
3 mistakes I've learned when building a portfolio career
busting myths that helped me rethink my career
52 min /
3 tell tell signs in your career that you are multipassionate
How multipassionate are you?
32 min /
The Future of Work for Polymaths
Interview with Florian Stummer
1 hr 5 min /
For All the Aspirational Leaders Feeling like Silent Stars out there!
Manifesto for all the Unsung Heroes at work to get out there!
15 min /
The Multi Passion Aspirational Leader
description of the Multi Passion Aspirational Leader, one of the Aspirationelles women archetypes
18 min /
The Aspirational Team Leader
Description of the Aspirational Team Leader, one of the Aspirationelles women archetypes
13 min /
The Total Rock Star High Potential
Description of the Total Rock Star High Potential, one of the Aspirationelles women archetypes
15 min /

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