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Bull Markets Talkshow

Bull Markets Talkshow

The markets revolves around facts and not on your current FEELINGS. Due this nature of facts, I invested my time into starting this Talkshow to provide you the cold evidence.

My name is Reiaan Hobson and I have been around the market and economics for over 15 years.
I wrote two books, which is “The Ultimate Depression” and “White Monopoly Capital”.
My approach on the market is based on my trading career. It’s all about the hard FACTS and zero emotions. The markets revolves around facts and not on your current FEELINGS. Due this nature of facts, I invested my time into starting this Talkshow to provide you the cold evidence. My show can be vital in placing an investment in the most effective manner. We will provide you with daily signals, economic and political views on the market performance. Subscribe and let's talk!

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Ep.258 Impeachment or Stimulus??? [15min Podcast]
No Word on Stimulus and Investors are Losing Faith...
17 min /
Ep.257  Extra 1Million Jobs Losses Coming... [20min Podcast]
An Increase in Minimum Wages on a Depressed Economy, will not work!!!
32 min /
Ep.256  R.I.P Dollar...[15min Podcast]
The Federal Reserve and Federal Government are pushing for serious Stimulus..., but will it work?
18 min /
Ep.255  Nasdaq Bulls hitting 14000??? [15min Podcast]
Big Stimulus is Coming!!!
21 min /
Ep.254  Volatility of the NFP will be back!!! [20min Podcast]
We can expect large movement in the Dollar and Equities...
23 min /
Ep.253  Bear Market looming for the Nasdaq! [20min Podcast]
The Market is getting impatient with policy makers in the USA, as talks of stimulus continues...
23 min /
Ep.252  FX, Nasdaq & Commodity Signals...[15min Podcast]
Big News, leads to Big Signals...
20 min /
Ep.251 How to Trade this Week >>> [20min Podcast]
I will uncover all the Big News events for the week ahead.
25 min /
Ep.250  A Financial Market Revolt via Reddit [20min Podcast]
The Rebellion has just begun, as they take over Silver!!!
26 min /
Ep.249  SA Jobs at Risk -> 750K, Thanks to the "Green Deal" [20min Podcast]
All South Africa's Oil Refineries are under review!!!
20 min /
Ep.248 > 37 Executive Orders & Zero Stimulus Checks [20min Podcast]
Biden once said that excessive reliance on executive orders, while ignoring the legislature, is dictatorial.
24 min /
Ep.247  Can South Africa access the pension pot??? [20min Podcast]
Today's podcast will be broadcast in two episodes: 1. Pension Funds, South Africa. 2. Very important FOMC market news.
32 min /
Ep.246  High TAX + Depressed Economy = Total Collapse [20min Podcast]
Increasing TAX during a Depression is the worst idea ever!
26 min /
Ep.245  Big Week for -->> Nasdaq & Big Tech [15min Podcast]
>>>Earnings week for Big Tech Companies.
20 min /
Ep.244 New Treasurer, Yellen..."Tougher on China" [20min Podcast]
Global Market see RED, after Janet Yellen's "URGENT" letter to President Joe Biden.
24 min /
Ep.243  Reverse Policies = Backward Trading Method {20min Podcast}
Joe Biden literally reinstated Obama's policies, with a stroke of a pen. However exprience in trading will help, to combat this method of trading for the next four years....
24 min /
Ep.242  Farewell President Donald J Trump {20min Podcast}
We are saying farewell to the Greatest President of our lifetime. He was truly a President, who fought for his people!!!
10 min /
Ep.241 STAGE 8 LOADSHEDDING IS COMING! [20min Podcast]
PLEASE BE WARNED AND PREPARE FOR THE WORST! ".....2021 will be the worst year" Eskom
28 min /
- South Africa can exprience loadshedding until April 2021 and we can expect a massive tax increase.
23 min /
Ep.239  The Man, with a plan to boost the economy....[15min Podcast]
How do we trade under a Joe Biden administration?
21 min /
Ep.238  The Weakness in Gold, explains something...[20min Podcast]
As the markets awaits, Joe Biden and Fed Chair, Jerome Powell to address the nation, on stimulus packages, the gold price starts to decline, strangely...
27 min /
Ep.237  Biggest Stimulus Package Ever -> $4 Trillion
President-Elect, Joe Biden will address the media tomorrow reagrding his Mega Stimulus Package. How will Bitcoin, Gold, Dow Jones and the Dollar behave???
29 min /
Ep.236  America after President Trump??? [20min Podcast]
South Africa know the story of "Unity" and "A New Dawn". We know very well how it will end with a kind and gentle President. Moreover, the main propaganda machine is in your country, Trevor Noah.
30 min /
Ep.235  It's gonna be a GREEEAAAAAAAT YEAR!!!
The taps are opening slowly, but surely... It is TIME to make PROFIT!
28 min /
Ep.234  King Dollar will be unstoppable! {20min Podcast}
We can expect a double version of, "The Ultimate Depression". BE WARNED!!!
32 min /

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