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Constructive Conversations

Constructive Conversations

Improving Customer-Contractor Communications

"Constructive Conversations" is the go-to podcast for contractors and customers looking to enhance their experience in the construction industry. Join us as we explore real-life successes and challenges faced by both parties, and discover the keys to effective collaboration. Tune in for practical insights and valuable strategies to ensure your projects go smoothly and exceed expectations.

Byron Brooks: Brewing Collaboration in Construction
Byron Brooks, a master carpenter and builder, shares his journey in construction and explores the transformative power of collaborative networks in this industry.
Episode 13
/ 53 min
Elisabeth Lecerf: Revolutionizing Health and Safety Management in Construction Industry
Navigating Health and Safety Management in Construction: Insights from Elisabeth Lecerf of Safety Comply
Episode 10
/ 41 min
Kaylea Ball: What's It Like to Buy a New Build?
What to expect when buying a new build home.
Episode 1
/ 35 min
Brandon Fuchs: Building Cohesion in the Construction Industry
Exploring the expansive opportunities of construction in Canada.
Episode 5
/ 42 min
Austin Keddie: Home Renovation Trends & Effective Communication Between Contractors
A conscientious builder who is proud to serve the industry
Episode 2
/ 49 min
Victoria Givlin: Elevating Your Brand with Effective Communication
Explore the expertise of Victoria Givlin as she delves into the art of effective communication, networking, and marketing, offering invaluable insights for building thriving communities and elevating brands in today's competitive landscape.
Episode 11
/ 1 hr 6 min
Sarah Kirkpatrick: Crafting Sanctuary Through Interior Design
Discover the transformative power of interior design with Sarah Kirkpatrick, as she shares insights on infusing homes with warmth, style, and sanctuary.
Episode 12
/ 46 min
Karissa Shemonichek: Intuitively Integrated Interior Design
Karissa shares her unique ability to connect deeply with customers and turn their spaces into reflections of their true selves.
Episode 4
/ 42 min
Andrew Schram: Streamlined Contractor Communications
13 Years of Lessons and Learning as an Alberta contractor
Episode 3
/ 38 min

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