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A podcast for coxswains, about coxswains, and by coxswains.

By CoxPod

CoxPod is an informational podcast dedicated to coxing topics. Our decades of experience as coxswains include trips to the medal stand, crossing the finish line in last place, and everything in between—not to mention the countless hours spent at practice, whether on the water or on land. Our primary goal is to promote ongoing skills development. Join us as we recognize, appreciate, and articulate the details that go into becoming the best coxswains we can be.

Connect with us on our website at https://www.CoxPod.com, on our Discord server, or on social media.

Welcome to CoxPod!
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031 | What Not to Wear (Coxswain Edition)
TLC called...
52 min /
030 | Fixing Set Issues
"Can we get it off port?"
45 min /
029 | Steering: Fundamentals
If someone says it's simple, they've never done it before.
43 min /
028 | Coxswains' Transferable Skills
Applying to schools or preparing for a job interview? Talk coxing.
41 min /
027 | Calling Drills
It’s much more than just counting.
1 hr 7 min /
026 | Audience-Generated Topics
Our listeners set the course for this episode.
41 min /
025 | Sprint Racing: Start to Finish Line
Attention, go!
59 min /
024 | Sprint Racing: Prep to Marshaling Area
The race is the easy part!
44 min /
023 | Coxing an Erg Race
Coxswains do more than just steer the boat.
54 min /
022 | Stakeboats
The good, the bad, and the windy.
59 min /
021 | Would You Rather (Coxswain Edition)
It's all fun and games until...
55 min /
020 | Unique Interpersonal Aspects of Coxing
“I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.” Alice in Wonderland
50 min /
019 | Interview with Linda Guida - speech-language pathologist
Stop yelling!
37 min /
018 | Maneuvering
Tips and tricks for managing specialized motions of the boat.
47 min /
017 | Head Racing: Chute to Finish Line
“You’re on the course!”
53 min /
016 | Head Racing: Prep to Chute
"To be prepared is half the victory." Cervantes
59 min /
015 | Audience-Generated Topics
Our listeners set the course for this episode.
52 min /
014 | Interview with Abby Peck - rower & coach
“All of my best performances were pulled out of me by excellent coxing.”
40 min /
013 | Landing
The first rule of landing: respect mass.
47 min /
012 | Wet Launching & Landing
Pro tip: If you see ducks walking where you want to land...remember they have short legs.
33 min /
011 | Launching
There's more to it than you think.
57 min /
010 | Practice Management
Either you run the practice, or the practice runs you.
47 min /
009 | Interview with Deirdre McLoughlin - physical therapist
Mind AND matter: coxswains are athletes too.
51 min /
008 | Receiving Feedback
It’s way more than the screech from bad wiring.
1 hr 9 min /
007 | Giving Feedback
How do you make your words count?
1 hr 1 min /

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