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A podcast for coxswains, about coxswains, and by coxswains.

By CoxPod

CoxPod is an informational podcast dedicated to coxing topics. Our decades of experience as coxswains include trips to the medal stand, crossing the finish line in last place, and everything in between—not to mention the countless hours spent at practice, whether on the water or on land. Our primary goal is to promote ongoing skills development. Join us as we recognize, appreciate, and articulate the details that go into becoming the best coxswains we can be.

Connect with us on our website at https://www.CoxPod.com, on our Discord server, or on social media.

Welcome to CoxPod!
003 | The Coxswain's Personality
Learn about your personality type and why it matters.
1 hr 6 min /
006 | Bowloaders: Communication & Technique
A different kind of animal.
1 hr 9 min /
027 | Calling Drills
It’s much more than just counting.
1 hr 7 min /
001 | Meet the Hosts
Who are the hosts of this new podcast?
24 min /
025 | Sprint Racing: Start to Finish Line
Attention, go!
59 min /
004 | Bowloaders: Safety & Comfort
Into the Belly of the Beast
59 min /
007 | Giving Feedback
How do you make your words count?
1 hr 1 min /
017 | Head Racing: Chute to Finish Line
“You’re on the course!”
53 min /
Trailer Trailer
Welcome to CoxPod!
0 min /
005 | Interview with Kayleigh Durm - author of "Ready all, row" blog
A renowned coxswain advocate joins us.
1 hr 8 min /

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