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Debbie is FREE!

Debbie is FREE!

In June 2021, Carlo R.Colombo has interviewed Debbie Claire-Fontaine, a British single mom of four, who suffered years of abuse! Listen to her journey.

For many years, Debbie Claire-Fontaine married J....*, a narcissistic Caucasian male from England, who did everything he could to manipulate and destabilize her, so he could pursue sexually one of her dear friends. Arguments, lies, financial control; he use all the tricks in the book to make her go crazy, so he could live another existence undetected under her nose. But her spirituality, her love for her kids and her strength helped her fight back all these years. So today, she has decided to tell her story to the world so she could help other women like her survive their ordeal and above all...fight back!!

*(names changed) 

Debbie is introducing herself to Carlo and describe what the next few weeks will be in terms of storylines
Episode 1
26 min /
Debbie episode TWO
Debbie is a virgin
Episode 2
33 min /
Debbie episode THREE
Debbie is engaged
Episode 3
39 min /

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