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Down to Earth but Heavenly Minded Podcast

Down to Earth but Heavenly Minded Podcast

Christians, Spiritual, Biblical, Scriptural based subject matter.

I have been doing a video podcast for several months now, and am starting an audio one. I am doing this to serve my follower who want to just listen to the podcast and are not interested in watching a video. My video podcast can be found on YouTube, Rumble, Bitchute, and UGetTube. Just do a search for the podcast name if you are interested.

My files are in a mp3 format, and I try uploading one a day.

Thanks for your interest in Christian Spiritual things.

I do this for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In His Name

Irv Risch

Irv Risch's Testimony on Unshackled.
by Pacific Garden Missions
30 min /
Light for the Last Days, audio of the Article
By Tony Pearce
1 hr 8 min /
A Study in the Book of Hebrews
By Irving Risch
1 hr 30 min /
Sound the Trumpets
Short little story
5 min /
It Is Well With My Soul
Short little story
6 min /
We are Being Deceived
Season 1, episode 6
Real Life Broadcasting
38 min /
We Will Not Be Silenced
Short little story
15 min /
History of Hymns: "As the Deer."
Season 1, episode 20
Real Life Broadcasting
25 min /
Proverbs 8 The Blessings of Wisdom
A Study in the book of Proverbs
6 min /

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