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Eerie Anecdote

Eerie Anecdote

We're just here to establish an alibi.

It’s an Eerie world out there…. Join Cara and Brie as we tell you true events of murder, cults, hauntings and anything else to make you hesitant to leave your home. Listen to “Eerie Anecdotes” for a weekly dose of spine chilling tales and goosebump inducing events. If you’re not afraid of being alone, you haven’t been here long enough.

The Ant Hill Kids
Cult Episode
Episode 4
36 min /
Ypsilanti Ripper - John Norman Collins
Michigan’s “Co-Ed Killer”
Episode 3
1 hr 11 min /
The Matamoros Cult Murders
The disappearance of Mark Kilroy, the discovery of what happened to him and the dark story of Adolfo Constanzo.
Episode 2
29 min /
The Disappearance of Asha Degree
Episode 1
25 min /

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