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Encouragement for Real Life

Encouragement for Real Life

The place to find real encouragement for your real life right now.

We know real life is a mixture of blessings and blunders, celebrations and sadness, excitement and apathy. It’s a combination of memory-making moments and moments we’d rather forget. It’s a blend of triumphs and failures, happiness and heartaches, and hope and discouragement. And some days we could use a little extra encouragement for our real lives right now.

You'll find that here, all in about 15 minutes each week. So, you can listen as you’re driving the kids to school, or as you’re getting ready in the morning, or with whatever your day consists of. The episodes are short enough to fit into your real life.

Included are life-impacting stories, helpful life tips and tricks, timely inspiration, Biblical insight, and a fresh perspective, combined with a light-hearted tone to encourage your heart and put a lift in your step.

More than a pep talk and more than a fun place to plug in to, the Encouragement for Real Life podcast not only lifts your spirits, but it equips you to be a light in this world. To shine bright wherever God has you. And to be a blessing in the lives of others.

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121. God Desires to Dwell With Us With Rachel Fahrenbach
You'll be encouraged and inspired for the Advent season.
/ 38 min
120. Here Is a New Concept: Celebrate "Thanksgivings"
This may just transform our lives!
/ 12 min
119. How to Slow Your Go and Unbusy Your Life
The blessing of walking away from the busyness of your life.
/ 15 min
118. How Do I Know if I Am Living Distracted?
Here are five indications that will help you know.
/ 14 min
117. Why Does Right Now Matter?
It's likely more than we think.
/ 13 min
116. Celebrating the Launch of Right Now Matters Part 2
We're still celebrating over here! Come join us!
/ 24 min
115. Celebrating the Launch of Right Now Matters Part 1
It's release day of Julie's first book! Come celebrate!
/ 36 min
114. The Heart Behind Right Now Matters
The book to help us live undistracted lives.
/ 14 min
113. When Good Is the Enemy of Great
Are we settling for good and missing what's great?
/ 13 min
112. Living Above the Noise with Terry Covey
This world is noisy. Learning how to live above it matters.
/ 34 min
111. What We Are Really Doing When We Complain
It's more than we think!
/ 13 min
110. Why Encouragement Is Necessary and Important
Encouragement matters, especially today on the National Day of Encouragement!
/ 14 min
109. How to Succeed at Something Difficult
It may be different than what we think!
/ 15 min
108. A Decluttered Life Is a Free Life with Julie Lane
We can choose to live with clarity instead of clutter.
/ 29 min
107. The Unexpected Gift of Starting Over
Are you in a starting-over season?
/ 12 min
106. When I Make Life All About Me
Is this life really all about us?
/ 13 min
105. Relationship Hack: Assume the Best in Others
This hack can make all the difference in our relationships and in our lives.
/ 12 min
104. Truth: God Knows You, Sees You, and He Cares
In case you could use a reminder today.
/ 17 min
103. Will It Really Be Okay?
Sometimes we could use a reminder.
/ 16 min
102. What to Do When Life Is Overwhelming
If you're feeling overwhelmed right now, this episode is for you!
/ 14 min
101. Life Is Real and Imperfect, and That's a Good Thing
Because who wants to live a fake and perfect life, anyway?
/ 16 min
100. Do You Know How Amazing You Are?
We're not just celebrating 100 episodes, we are also celebrating you!
/ 13 min
99. Heartbreak Is Not the End of Your Story With Jodi Rosser
Because God can use anything for good, including heartbreak.
/ 38 min
98. How to Live Your Best Life This Summer
Because how we live matters.
/ 14 min
97. Our Focus Matters When It Comes to Distraction
Because we follow where we focus.
/ 13 min

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