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Podcast Trailer Transcript


"Horses of water galloping with the waves. Anyone able to catch one and lead it from the shore could will the steed to be his mount and it would be a fine and fast one at that. But, if it ever came within sight or sound of the sea the horse would gallop wildly into the depths and tear its rider to pieces.  

Little rough, hairy men scampering about the house at night assisting in the chores. They will remain friendly, so long as they receive a ration of sweet milk and honey, but offend them, and they will morph into a mischievous boggart with beady eyes and a sharp pointed nose, running amok hiding keys and littering broken glass and are very difficult to be rid of. 

Living wisps of light hovering above marshlands and long grasses. The spirits lead you astray, should you attempt to catch them, or they could lead you to safety or perhaps on a path seldom traveled, awakening a new passion and guiding you to your purpose.

Welcome, this is Our Veil of Smoke and Gold Podcast. 

Hello listeners, intrigued to the point of listening to this trailer! My name is Annelise and I will be acting in the role of your host for Our Veil of Smoke and Gold Podcast. While I am only a kid, as of 2020 I am twelve and in middle school, I had hoped to create this podcast as a means of encouraging the imagination. Every episode will be focused on a different magical creature or Fay, though occasionally I will group together similar beings for the sake of simplicity, and will follow a basic format. The show begins with a story relating to the topic, then a quick introduction, before we delve into that creature or faery’s origins, first writings, and role in history. After, we will focus predominantly on their description, broken up into sections, including their nature or personality and physical description, then their magical abilities or traits, their habitat, homes, and relationship to other faerie folk, and finally their relationship to humans and how you can potentially find, interact with, trap, lure or repel them, depending on whatever concept is relevant based on their relationship to us (it wouldn’t exactly be great if you managed to lure a bloodsucking monster or if you somehow repelled a unicorn, though that would probably be more of a disappointment than anything else, who wouldn’t enjoy conversing with a magical horse that ferries princesses around?). Once the description has been established, we move on to a second story, before analyzing that story as well as puzzling out how this creature or Fay’s magic applies to real life in general, then how this magic manifests or could manifest on a more personal level for me. The final conclusion will include references, sources, and a short summary of whatever being was discussed during the episode. I don’t intend on having any actually designated seasons, so instead I am attempting to form units that can be added onto as I see fit; there will be four units in total, one for each of the elements (water, air, fire, and earth) and an introductory minisode on the individual element in each unit as well as possibly some bonus episodes sprinkled here and there. If it wasn’t entirely obvious from my extensive episode format, I relish in being incredibly organized, but I understand that podcasts’ content can become more easily dull and monotonous than other forms of art, so I implore you to reach out to me at ourveilofsmokeandgold@gmail.com about any concerns, feedback, suggestions on faeries, or anything else you want me to know. Thank you for listening to Our Veil of Smoke and Gold Podcast trailer, I’m your host Annelise and I sincerely hope you decide to continue tuning in for each episode."


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