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...just need to marry off a couple daughters, first.

Jaime Buckley

To answer the emails and messages I've received through the WantedHero Superfan Facebook Group, Youtube Channel, and Discord...

YES, Life of Fiction will be released before the end of 2021.

...and to answer the second set of questions, NO....we will NOT be releasing the entire season all at once.

So you won't be able to binge the shows.

<insert crying here>

So what's Going On--Why The Delay? UPDATE
The original intent was to start this podcast in May 2021. We had the materials, the questions, and I even had the help to make this all happen.

Life, it seems, was not ready--because:

  • I lost family and friends (cancer is pure evil) and spent a good deal of time mourning and at burial sites;
  • Suffered a herniated disc in my spine, which didn't allow me to even sit in a chair...and had to wait 6 weeks just to see a doctor. Two months in physical therapy was required to get where I am now (in a chair for more than 15 minutes);
  • Completed book #8: Howling Shadows in the Chronicles of a Hero series;
  • TWO of my nine daughters decided to get married, AT THE SAME TIME--so as I write this, I'm about to go help set up the second wedding reception of the week.

These are not excuses, BTW--I'm simply trying to explain that I'm pushing as hard as I am able to get this podcast off the ground. These are also the reasons why I want to build this podcast unlike all the other shows I've done over the years: slow, steady, and consistent. Of all the programs I've done since 2005, Life of Fiction is my masterpiece. The love of my podcast life...

That's why I leaked the Flashbacks for you to taste. Why the staff at Podcastics worked with me and helped me get this show back on Spotify, after it was banned for uploading the original music scores.

Apparently you don't get to share music through a podcast.

So this is my effort to let you know that entertaining you is important to me.

I have 16 years of readers questions waiting to be answered, over 3 MILLION words in notes to explore, and a fantasy world that only gets bigger as time rolls on. It's all been collected, is being organized, and crafted into a podcast for you.

I'll be seeing you soon.

Just let me get through these weddings...


- Jaime Buckley




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