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02 - All about Ikigai

We delve into what Ikigai is and where it comes from

1 hr 11 min / Published

In this episode we full-on tackle the concept of Ikigai. We discuss what it is, where it comes from as well as some tips on how to get there. From our personal lives on the path to education and the greater picture of where we all wish to be, we explore what it means to be on the journey of finding our Ikigai.


Show notes

Episode corrections:

Chris Do is an Emmy award-winning designer, director, CEO, and founder of The Futur, not a programmer. 

 Synopsis with time stamps:

What is Ikigai? (1:06)

Flow (2:37)

Voice Acting and Ikigai (8:00)

Ikigai and the “Diagram” (9:38)

Ikigai and Careers (11:00)

Ikigai and Getting Paid (12:20)

Personal Paths of Ikigai (14:05)

Ikigai and Wealth (20:35)

How do we Find our Ikigai? (21:55)

Education and Ikigai (25:44)

The Blue Zones (36:35)

Ikigai and the Body (38:32)

Stress and Ikigai (42:12)

The Phone and Ikigai (47:00)

Part Time Ikigai (57:00)

Courage, Imposter Syndrome and Ikigai (59:00)

10 Rules of Ikigai (1:02:00)

  1.  Stay active and don’t retire
  2.  Take it slow
  3.  Don’t fill your stomach (hara hachi bu)
  4.  Surround yourself with good friends
  5. Get in shape for your next birthday
  6. Smiles
  7. Reconnect with nature
  8. Give thanks to your ancestors and nature
  9. Living in the moment
  10. Follow your Ikigai



Links from Episode:

Michiko Kumano, On the Concept of Well-Being in Japan: Feeling Shiawase as Hedonic Well-Being and Feeling Ikigai as Eudaimonic Well-Being 

“7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, Stephen Covey

Montessori Education

“What is your reason for being (Ikigai)”, Chris Do

“Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life”, Hector Garcia & Francesc Mirrales

“This is Water Commencement Speech”, David Foster Wallace


“Why Zebras Don’t get Ulcers”, Robert Sapolsky

Philosophy of Stoicism

“The Social Dilemma” Documentary, Netflix

“How to Ikigai”, Tim Tamshiro

“Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”, Carol Dweck

Hara Hachi Bu

Forest Bathing


Main Quotes from Episode:

"Ikigai is a state of well-being that arises from devotion to activities one enjoys, which also brings a sense of fulfillment." -Michiko Kumano


Our favorite words of wisdom from the Guests/Hosts:

“It’s a matter of finding all of those intersections..to where every single day you’re waking up, and you’re doing that thing you love, you’re good at it, you’re getting paid for it, and the world needs it.  And it’s such a challenge to find that.”

“It starts with education.  It starts with teaching our kids to trust themselves, but to also put in the time and effort to learn about themselves and what they want to do.”


People Mentioned - Links to their bios (wiki pages)

Michiko Kumano 

Ken Mogi

Stephen Covey

Chris Do

Robert Sapolsky


Tim Tamashiro

Carol Dweck

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The Iki Guys
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Join us as we explore ways to find peace, passion, and purpose in life through the Japanese concept of Ikigai.
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