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02. The Imperfect Real Life

How do we remain encouraged when our lives aren't perfect?

15 min / Published

In this episode we discuss our real lives (what is a "real life") and how we can remain encouraged and inspired, even when our lives aren’t perfect. And, when we share our real lives with one another, we all benefit. You'll find encouragement, connection, and hope for your real life right now.

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Show notes

In today's podcast episode we discuss the imperfect real life--yours and mine--and how we can remain encouraged and inspired when our lives are far from perfect. And, when we share our imperfect real lives with one another, we all benefit.

Is your life perfect?

I wanted to begin today's episode with that question, but I already knew how you’d answer. You and I live in a broken world, and because we do we experience brokenness in our lives. So I know your life isn’t perfect. And you know mine isn’t either.

As I was preparing for this episode, I was reminded of a friendship from long ago. This friend appeared to live the perfect life. I share about it in the episode and the lessons I learned from this relationship.

What is a real life, anyway? Oxford Languages defines it as, “life as it is lived in reality, involving unwelcome as well as welcome experiences, as distinct from a fictional world.”

Maybe someone you know appears to be living the perfect life. And quite possibly you wonder, what’s wrong with me? Even though deep down you know no one has the perfect life, you begin to wonder why is my life not perfect like hers?

Friend, no one’s life is perfect. Not mine. Not yours. Nor your neighbor’s down the street. And neither is that person’s life who appears to be perfect so on social media. Why do I believe this? Because of what Jesus said in John 16:33b, included in this episode.

We each live imperfect real lives, and as Jesus said, we each experience trouble in them. But, the hope we have is He has overcome everything we go through. Isn't that the best news?

Your imperfect real life and mine are worth sharing. And when we do, we each benefit. You'll find more reasons why tucked in today's episode, including others are encouraged knowing they aren't the only ones who have an imperfect real life.

So, friend, let’s embrace our imperfect real lives together. May we share them with each other. May we be authentic and transparent with one another. And my we always thank God for our imperfect, yet beautiful, real lives.

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