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044 | The Difference Between The Ego And The Soul [Ego vs Soul]

11 min / Published
By LizWatt

How do you know when you’re acting out of ego or from your authentic, true self or your soul?

Knowing the difference and being able to keep the ego in check can make a big difference to your life and relationships.

Discover some clear differences to help you determine whether you are living or responding to your ego or your true authentic self or soul.

Listen to the full episode to learn:

  • What are the ego and the soul.
  • How to recognise the soul versus the ego.
  • Why you need both soul and ego.
  • Traps of the soul and the ego.


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TIMESTAMPS - Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode…

0:00 – Introduction

  • 0:11 - Introducing Ego And Soul
  • 0:34 - What Is the Ego?
  • 2:24 - What Is The Soul?
  • 4:09 - How To Recognise The Voice Of Soul Or Ego
  • 6:26 - Why You Need Soul And Ego
  • 8:18 - The Ego trap
  • 9:35 - The Soul Trap
  • 10:30 - Navigating Reality








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