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10. (!) The Essentials of Deliberate Practice w/ Alexandre Vaz, PhD

Deliberate Practice for Sports, Therapists, and beyond! Tune in for a unique conversation on this topic and with this awesome Expert at several crafts!

Season 1, episode 7
55 min / Published

 Deliberate Practice 🔵 is a well validated concept (and tool!), that people wanting to engage in a Path OF Mastery at any skill development, should know about - and start to implement its valuable principles. 

 On the First EWS Interview, our founder speaks to an Expert in this field: Alexandre Vaz. He has an admirable background, EWS loves his work on the Psychotherapy realm, and we couldn't start this off better!

 He works with other professionals in that matrix of Practice (mainly from the Psychotherapy world and for Psychotherapists) @DP_Institute 

 Anyway, this wasn't constrained by that. He is also a stupendous Musician, Teacher, Public Speaker, and a continuous Student (loves Biographies!) -- listen to Intro for proper presentation of him. 

 Layout (in short):
- We present the topic with an emphasis on athletes and students. 
 - We go over imagined scenarios and real examples.
 - We diverge on associated and relevant components to engage well in practice and go for the gradual and sustained improvements
 - Mainly expressing the role of psychological and emotional aspects when envisioning these kind of practices and processes.

 NOTE: Due to technical issues, the first 5-10 minutes were not recorded by my mic. So you will hear a pronounced cut informing the time where it got turned on. You should listen with better quality from there. (Intro was also made presentially with Alex)




  • "The problem is: if you train without thinking about this, it's kind of leaving up to luck to know if you're on that optimal zone or not. But if you train in a way (...) the training will help" 
  • "(...) so just repeating in and of itself gives very little to anyone (...) what you are repeating, how, when... those are the most important..."
  • "Trying to motivate people is a dangerous business. (...) I don't think that it's the teacher's role totally motivate and engage his student...(clarifies)"
  • "We don't want to say to people 'you shouldn't criticize yourself', or 'you shouldn't feel ashamed (...) they'll just feel unvalidated. The most effective way is..."
  • "Deliberate Practice is failure facing: you have to be very comfortable with failing. And if you're only comfortable with not showing, you're probably not gonna get better."
  • "A precondition for getting better at something is (the ability to be)being bad at something"



  • Beginning (after Guest Intro) - 4:10
  • The 'Reaction Form' tool - 6:00
  • Frontier of Comfort Zone (aka Zone of Proximal Development) - 12:45
  • The Problem w/ Repetition in Practice - 14:30
  • Characteristics of a Bad Training - 21:47
  • An Issue around Athletes Will + Proper Approach to have - 26:35
  • On the movie Whiplash - 33:10
  • Bringing Albert Ellis wisdom - 48:36

More About:

Guest Website for Services of Psychotherapy, Public Speaking, and Deliberate Practice: alexandrevaz.com

Credits (Attribution under CC4.0 guidelines):Intro & Outro Song: Affection (edited)Artist: SappheirosSource: Link2SongLicense: Creative Commons


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