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#123 Andray Roopnaraine

This weekend we have Andray Roopnaraine from Bali…

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This weekend we have Andray Roopnaraine from Bali 🇮🇩, who is a proficient musician and DJ, best known for his mixes “The Grand Awakening Series”. Andray is a passionate emerging artist in the world of Electronic music. Specializing in the ethereal genres of Progressive, Melodic Techno, Dark Progressive. He loves to take his audience on a melodic, deep driving journey. Hoping to encapsulate the wide array of efficacious emotions that the genres provide for him. Andray Roopnaraine has felt a deep rooted affection for Electronic Music for countless years. He has used Electronic music as a powerful healing tool in his life to counter any obstructive thoughts and feelings. He is determined to help the world do the same through his mixing abilities. By relaxing their minds, enlivening their souls, and awakening their senses. His mix series "Grand Awakenings" has already received praises from several Global icons within the field. Providing him with any extra assurances that he needs to keep creating. Andray takes mentorship and holds in high regard a multitude of renowned international DJ's across the globe. From the likes of Miss Monique, Jordan Gill, Korolova, Alexander Alar, Cristoph, Paul Thomas, Stan Kolev, Teklix, Anna Ra, Nadya (RU) to name a few. Equipped with his seamless mixing capabilities, impeccable track selection, and extensive mentorship from the greats. Andray is quickly rising and securing his position in the future of Electronic music and what it means around the world. In conjunction to being a DJ. Andray is also a life coach. Helping people unlock their true meaning/potential. As a Life Coach, he targets your one of a kind skills and gifts to help you clarify your goals and identify the obstacles standing in your way. Ultimately, to attain greater fulfilment and mastery. Be on the look out as Andray knows that making a name for himself is aligned with his true nature. Which he will do, inevitably so. Follow & Support: Bookings/Contact: andrayroopnaraine@gmail.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andray_roopnaraine/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/andrayroopnaraine

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