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127. 5 Ways to Be a Right-Now Woman in 2024

Life is too important to live it distracted.

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Who is a Right-Now Woman? She's one who desires all God has for her and realizes there's more to live than living it distracted. She doesn't have it all figured out yet, but she's taking one step at a time with God. In this episode, Julie shares five ways to be a Right-Now Woman in 2024, and shares an opportunity to study the Bible with her! Join encourager, Julie Lefebure, each Tuesday morning as she offers real encouragement for your real life right now through a fresh, hope-filled perspective, a lighthearted inspiration, and Biblical insight, all in about 15 minutes (guest shows are longer). Each episode will lift your spirits and equip you to be a light in this world. Find extra encouragement at julielefebure.com/resources/.

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Show notes

Are you what I call a Right-Now Woman?

A Right-Now Woman isn't someone who wants everything right now. In fact, I'd say a Right-Now Woman is the opposite of that. She's someone who is tired of distractions overtaking her days and her life. She knows she's missing priceless moments happening in front of her. And she's a bit discouraged by always feeling behind and disorganized. She also knows there's got to be more to life than this, at the same time, ready to receive all God has for her.

If this sounds like you, well friend, allow me to share some good news with you.

You are a Right-Now Woman!

A Right-Now Woman doesn't have the undistracted life mastered, but she's aware that's the life she desires to live. You, like me, don't have it all figured out yet, but we're ready to step into the abundant lives Jesus came to give us. We can't step into this kind of life, however, if we're living distracted.

I say often, this life is too important to live it distracted. How we live this life matters in the next--eternity. So, it's wise to live in each moment and stay present in these God-blessed and -given lives, don't you think?

So, how do we do this? How can we live as Right-Now Women in a culture that is overwhelmed with distractions?

I share five ways to be a Right-Now Woman in 2024.

Also, beginning next week I'm hosting two Bible study groups to walk through the Right Now Matters Bible Study together. I released this brand-new Bible study two weeks ago today! It's a 28-day guided adventure to living as a Right-Now Woman. This multifaceted guide helps us go deeper with God and with ourselves as we embrace and learn how to live undistracted lives. We dig into Scripture and see what God has to say about living undistracted. We are guided to apply Scripture and Biblical lessons to our lives. And we have some fun along the way.

One group is meeting online on Zoom on Mondays, and the other group is meeting in person in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Thursdays. All the details and registration are found in the link in the show notes. I would love to walk through this study and dig into God's Word with You!

In closing, I pray God blesses you in every way today, tomorrow, and in the year ahead. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, fellow Right-Now Woman. I am proud of you! God bless you!

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