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136. That Time When God Went with Us on Vacation

It's amazing what God will do when we invite Him in!

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Julie and her husband invited God to join them on their recent vacation, and guess what? He accepted! Julie shares a few powerful stories of what God did on their vacation as examples for us in our everyday lives. Let's invite God into this moment, into this day and watch what He will do! Join encourager, Julie Lefebure, each Tuesday morning as she offers real encouragement for your real life right now through a fresh, hope-filled perspective, a lighthearted inspiration, and Biblical insight, all in about 15 minutes (guest shows are longer). Each episode will lift your spirits and equip you to be a light in this world. Find extra encouragement at julielefebure.com/resources/.

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Show notes

Let me tell you about the time when God went with us on vacation.

My husband and I returned from a ten-day vacation on Saturday. We returned rested and rejuvenated, glad to be home, yet longing for a few more days together in the sun and on the sand. But truly, there's no place like home, am I right? But so much happened on our vacation. I share a couple stories in this episode and I'll reserve a couple for next week's. I pray our experiences will encourage you and inspire you and give you hope, like they did me as we were living them out.

Just because we're on vacation doesn't mean we leave our real lives behind.

It doesn't mean we don't carry with us the things that are important to us, or the things that truly matter. I usually carry with me my Bible, any devotional books I'm reading, and I certainly bring my journal. Even on vacations of years past, we always invited God to join us. Because why would we ever want to leave home without Him? Or why would we not want to begin our vacation days with Him, just like we begin our days at home with Him?

So as we left our home in those early morning hours of February 28, Bill and I prayed together for our trip. We invited God to join us on our vacation.

Yes, God went with us on vacation.

And because He did, do I have some stories and experiences to share with you!

But we know God is always with us, right? We're never left to fend for ourselves. But something amazing happens when we intentionally invite God in to our moments, in to our days, and yes, even on our vacations. In fact, why don't we take a moment and silently or aloud invite Him into our moment right now?

From the audio book we listened to on the way there, to how we were able to bike on our tandem in Florida, to how God led us, blessed us, and rested our bodies, God was involved in our vacation. But we knew the first morning in Florida, we weren't just there for ourselves. God placed us there for the woman in Unit B.

It's amazing what God will do when we invite Him in.

I'm so glad God went with us on vacation. I have more stories to tell, but I'll share more in next week's episode, number 137. But for now, I pray this prompts us all to invite God into our days, into our everyday moments.

I pray God has encouraged you and strengthened you today. Invite Him into your days, into your moments, and watch what He will do in and through you. You may be the blessing someone else needs today.

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