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#162 | Wholesale Hotline (Real Estate Q&A)

Wholesaling Real Estate with the BEST Coaches in the Business! Brent Daniels, Jamil Damji and Pace Morby!

Season 1, episode 162
1 hr 41 min / Published

When that hotline bling, hop on and ask all your wholesale questions LIVE with Brent Daniels, Pace Morby, and Jamil Damji - three of real estate's TOP investors bringing you nothing but straight answers and value all about WHOLESALE! Catch us LIVE on Brent, Pace, and Jamil's YouTube pages or LIVE in our Wholesale Hotline Facebook group EVERY MONDAY! πŸ“ž

This week on Wholesale Hotline, we are bringing it back to the basics and answering your questions on wholesaling real estate! Don't miss this live Q&A!

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πŸ“žβ˜ŽοΈ Wholesale Hotlineβ˜ŽοΈπŸ“ž


Want the best how coaching? Want the best content for new real estate investors? Want to your questions answered LIVE?


✌️✌️Pace's YouTube ✌️🍌🦏Brents's YouTube🦏🍌 

πŸŒ™πŸš€Jamil's YouTubeπŸŒ™πŸš€Β πŸ πŸ‘Jerry's YouTube Page🏑🏠

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🍌🦏Brent Daniel's and Talk To People Helpful Links🦏🍌

Go Out There and Talk To People!

🦏🍌 Do you have questions for Brent that you want answered live? Join us every Monday at 10AM PST! Brents's YouTube Page

🍌🦏 Want free resources from Brent or join the TTP team? Want to work with Brent? Check us out at: TTP Insdier

🦏🍌Brent’s IG:@BrentDaniels_TTP


πŸš€πŸŒ™ Jamil Damji and AstroFlipping Helpful Links πŸŒ™πŸš€

Work hard together we will see each other on the moon! To the Moon!

πŸŒ™πŸš€ Do help comping a deal? Jamil will help you out! Join us every Sunday at 10AM PSTΒ Jamil's YouTube Page

πŸš€πŸŒ™ Want free resources from Jamil's or get help from the AstroFlipping team? Want to work with Jamil? Check us out at:Β Jamil's AstroFlipping and Coaching

πŸŒ™πŸš€Jamil's IG:Β @JDamji

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✌️✌️Pace Morby and Subto ✌️✌️

✌️✌️Need help with Creative Financing? Join Pace Live every Sunday at 7 PM PST: Pace's YouTube Page

✌️✌️ Want free resources from Pace or get help from the Subto team? Want to work with Pace? Check us out at: Pace and the Subto Team

✌️✌️Pace's IG: @PaceMorby

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🏠🏑Jerry Norton and Flipping Mastery 🏑🏠

🏑🏠 FREE 8 Week Training Program 8 Week Academy

🏠🏑Want to work with Jerry? Check us out at: Advanced Mentor Program with Jerry Norton

🏑🏠Pace's IG: @FlippingMastery

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