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19. Self-Esteem in Sports Contexts and Impacts on Performance - FR #2

Does a boost in self-esteem necessarily leads to increased performance levels? And what's this, exactly?..

Season 1, episode 19
27 min / Published
By Gonçalo Marques

Does a boost in self-esteem 🤩 necessarily leads to increased performance levels? This one goes on addressing Self-esteem in Sports Contexts.

-- Have you ever been caught in the idea that feeling absolutely awesome about yourself would result in awesome performance results? Well, think twice.

This episode lays out some information from the biggest and more reliable Scientific Article reviewing of the Self-esteem literature, from Roy Baumeister (the most cited Psychologist in the Science world!) and his colleagues.

We point out to some direct and indirect implications from this subjective concept on Task Performance. Moreover, coming from this Scientific knowledge, we leave some suggestions on relational aspects that should be taken in consideration (especially by Coaches and Parents) when approaching athletes executions and other behaviors.

Always with the intent of providing information that help in “Efficiently Work Sports” Practice, this one includes insights for the consequences of different types of feedback - calling into attention some communication styles that may be regarded as good, but can be risky.

PS: This was also the paper that led me to meet the longest word in the English Dictionary: floccinaucinihilipilification - the action or habit of estimating as worthless (...)



Self-esteem is the resulting feelings that the person get from how she evaluates and how much she values those characteristics, and the things that they bring, in her life. 

“In view of the heterogeneity of high self-esteem, indiscriminate praise might just as easily promote narcissism, with its less desirable consequences. Instead, we recommend using praise to boost self-esteem as a reward for socially desirable behavior and self-improvement.”

If a person has a more fragile self-esteem it’s likely that she will often avoid being confronted. Whether it will be confronted with a challenging task - that ultimately has the potential of improvement - or confronted with some harsh but truthful feedback(...)”



  • Following on EWS Intent and the last Episode - 01:22
  • Researchers Intent; The Goals; 1 Demystification -02:34
  • Short Highlights - 04:56
  • The appealing of Self-esteem - 06:31
  • Some Issues Regarding the Construct - 08:14
  • Results and some Conclusions -10:38
  • Regarding the Pygmaleon Effect - 13:05
  • Touching on Psychological Defense Mechanisms - 14:38
  • Types of Feedback | Praising & its Consequences (mind the ABC Model!) - 15:38
  • Authors Quotations- 19:41
  • Conclusion + Extra Content + Suggestions to you - 23:34


Sidenote:  In every data shared, the reference to the original paper is referenced in EWS written post between brackets. If you want to know more about those, or you can't find them online, reach out to us.


Point Out:

- Roy Baumeister Profile

- The Whole Article basis of this episode

- PotW #4

- QBIO “Antifragile” (Pt)


All the Deserved Credits to songs are HERE

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