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#2 Diamond Dealer - It's not about where you come from but where you're going

Episode 2 : Diamond dealer from New York

1 hr 2 min / Published March 30, 2020

In this episode, I introduce you a professional of diamond from NY. He provides the most high quality diamonds for french and american famous jewellers since 25 years. As you hear, this podcast will be in english. 


You'll hear the story of a man who started from the bottom in India and is now at the head of fifteen companies. He shares some of pains and successes, the behaviour of people before his success, the two cancers of his wife and how it change his life, how his boss's tyranny became his strength afterwards… 


As is often the case in this business, people prefer to remain anonymous,  so we will keep his identity anonymous but don’t worry, it’s won’t change the interest of his story 


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