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2021: Fully known and perfectly loved

what will you choose to do this year?

Season 3, episode 69
45 min / Published

Episode 69 - Stephanie takes us deep into two very, maybe overly familiar stories: the bleeding woman Jesus heals, and the young daughter Jesus resurrects. And yet today, we invite you to discover new flavors in this "common" recipe. We dive deep in the meaning of the 12 years, and the tassels on Jesus' garment, the famous "tzitzits." We discover the deeper meaning of the prayer shawl He wore, and the color of the Throne Room of Heaven. It has to do with being seen, and never invisible to the God who loves us personally, and fiercely.

This is 2021. What does this year hold for us? Are you daring to hope, like you did maybe as 2020 was still young? Or, are you taking the cynical stance to wait and see? Either way, Jesus is the rock-solid foundation. He still heals, and He can definitely resurrect dead dreams and passions. He is the Transfigured One, whose glory was revealed to those who had eyes to see, fully known and perfectly loved. Do you believe you are fully known, and perfectly loved by Christ, even in 2021?

Did you know there is a powerful link between the bleeding woman’s encounter with Jesus, and the transfiguration Luke places just afterwards? It’s part of our 2021 narrative, too. And it has to do, of all things, with the meaning of the name, Judah.

Take a listen today to start off 2021 steeped in Scripture—and in God’s revealed purpose for YOU!


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Show notes

New 2021 feature! Stephanie will, when possible, provide you with a listening guide to print, and follow her message. Enjoy!

Glimpses of the kingdom of God

Parables: snapshots of __________ beyond the __________ – 8:1-19

A ____ ______ – 8:19-21

Nature/__________ subject to Jesus – 8:22-25

__________ access – 8:26-38

No __________ nor __________ – 8:40-56

No __________ – 9:10-17

Seeing Jesus for who He really is – 9:28-36

__________ for the kingdom – 9:46-50; most of 10

Always getting to __________ God __________ – 10:38-11:13

__________ for all—Most of chapter 11

Faith: broken and courageous

12 years.

__________: “Qum”

The blue thread, or “tekhelet”

Tassels (Tzitzits”) – see Numbers 15:38-39

Exodus 24:10; Ezekiel 1:26; Ezekiel 10:1


You can never be ______________ to Jesus


How do you __________ Jesus?


The transfiguration: a glimpse beyond the veil of flesh, a taste of the kingdom.


John 1:14

2 Corinthians 4, verses 4 and 6

Hebrews 1:3a


Exodus 24:10-11

Revelation 5:5, from Genesis 49:9


“Tell no one.” (Luke 9:36)


Answer Key: reality – veil – new family – creation – universal – sickness – death – hunger – teamwork – know – more – justice – arise – inconspicuous – approach.

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This episode is part of the The Gospel of Luke | Bible Series series
Who would have thought that our dear Doctor Luke added such depth of spice and flavor to our lives?
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