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213. Retirement from Dating and Other Things We Do FOR Our Mental Wellness – Ask Dr. Joy Well Exclusive – Warrior Wednesday

Season 2, episode 213
47 min / Published

If dating has become an exhausting job or chore more than an exciting adventure, and you’ve been at it for so long… what are the alternatives?

A letter arrived into my virtual mailbox from “Leg the Stallion” asking me why I am retiring from dating.

Great question to answer.

But first: Singles, if you’re exhausted with the chasm of dating, what keeps you engaged in it day after day and night after night? Sex. Nah. Food. Nah. Drama. Perhaps. Standards. Maybe. Pressures. Surely.

Does the endless scroll of dating apps, hooking up, and trying to read minds excite you or exhaust you? 

Does it fill you or fool you?

Do you use romantic or physical connection to fill the empty spaces in your soul?

Food for thought.

Therefore to “Leg the Stallion” and all of the listeners out there, I will take the hill and answer this question honestly and authentically right now on Warrior Wednesday.

I hadn’t quit at anything I put my mind to… but saying no to people, places and things that recurrently stress me finally didn’t feel like quitting.  Instead it felt like winning.

Excerpt: “When I graduated and I realized – wow! A lot of my friends are married. Or engaged, or already have like whole families. I was like waking up like Rip Van Winkle. Waking up and looking around. And being like, wait? So Huh? You mean to tell me? That I missed so much. In my pursuit of all things educational…”

Created by Dr. Joy Well, mental wellness expert, therapist, professor, author and speaker... and PhD: Ask Dr Joy Well - is a safe space for women to share their stuck points, struggles, challenges and even their joys every Warrior Wednesday and receive recommendations for releasing dead weight and unleashing the joy inside. It is the first virtual advice column for women that focuses exclusively on defying self-sabotage and finding your joy.

For the sabotager who desperately wants to make different choices.

For the perfectionist who obsesses night and day but dreams of dancing wild and free.

For the stuck points, the salty times, the tough breaks, and the hard knocks... there is a remedy.

"Ask Dr. Joy Well" is a road to shining brighter, and higher, and lighter day-by-day.

How to write a virtual letter to Ask Dr. Joy Well: Click here to write and submit.

Where to find Dr. Joy Well

Instagram: @purposeoverpickles

Email: askdrjoy@pm.me

Text Dr. Joy: (919) 446 8621


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