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213Rock Podcast Harrag Melodica 17 08 2020

Season 2, episode 42
2 hr / Published August 18, 2020

Intro 213Rock

Beastie Boys Fight for Your  Right

Metallica Moth into Flame 

NitroGods Breaking Loose 

Thundermother Driving in Style 

From the Depth Immortal

Perfect Plan Heart to Stone 

Amaranthe Strong Feat. Noora Louhimo 

Rising Steel Fight them All 

Raven Top of the Mountain 

Crown of Glory Something Feat. Seraina Telli #BurningWitches 

Bad Wolves Learn to Walk Again 

Shinedown Pyro 

Oceans of Slumber A return to the Earth Below

Motley Crue Live Wire 

Madama Rock Chris Garrel Harrag Melodica #RockNews 

Iron Maiden Futureal

Ancillotti Revolution 

UFO Lights Out 

Cyhra Battle from Within 

Ensiferum For Sirens 

Carach Angren Frankensteina Strataemontanus

Mors Principium Est A Day for Redemption 

Orden Ogan In the Dawn of the Aie 



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