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25. Diving on Growth Mindset (Goodies of Struggle), w/ Trevor Ragan

The Philosophy of Growth Mindset: Probably the #1 Ingredient for E-W-S! Do you want to improve your Mental Game?..

Season 1, episode 26
59 min / Published

The Philosophy of 🥇 Growth Mindset: Probably the #1 Ingredient for E-W-S!

 Do you want to improve your Mental Game? Do you want to have an approach that gives you an edge in whatever Training Process?

 Struggle is a natural part of Learning processes.

 Trevor even indicates that in the moments of improving at any skill, one should be WILLING to TRAIN in an UGLY fashion.

 -- Join in this Interview to conquer the struggles that seem to block your progress, so that you get closer to improve and Efficiently Work in your Sport Practice.



“Sometimes we pick up on these things when we are younger and they can be reinforced as we grow older (...) and become true. The trap of Fixed Mindset is: If you don’t believe you can learn something you’re going to end up being right.”

 “We have to change our relationship with Struggle (...) there’s no way to get good at something if you’re not willing to struggle (...) it’s not something we should be afraid of.”

 “(...) The better approach is not to suppress stress and fear, it’s to accept it. It’s to reappraising it. And understanding that is human and okay to feel that (...)”

 “One step to Resilience is the willingness to feel.”

 “You don’t have to try all sorts of new stuff. It’s just like - What is one little thing you could try today? - And keep stacking those up, and then overtime that’s how we make a BIG change!”



  • About Trevor and @TheLearnerLab Project - (01:10)
  • On Becoming a Better Learner (Fear)- (07:20)
  • 2 Tigers Metaphor (Good Practice Environments) - (13:28)
  • Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset Preview - (15:27)
  • Frescobol Sport (On Confronting Failure) - (20:24)
  • On Accepting Difficult Emotions in Sports - (23:38)
  • Contrasting Mindsets and building up on GM - (28:00)
  • On Failure, Resilience, and the 3 P’s (w/ images) - (30:43)
  • Cognitive Psychotherapy & Seeking help - (39:16)
  • The Price of Growth - (42:15)
  • Efficacious Method of Training - (45:34)
  • On Acting like a Jungle Tiger - (49:05)

 -- Trevor's Awesome Videos

 --- Learn more @EWS Major Principles

 - Extra: Cognitive Distortions (Resolve)

PS: In this Quarantine period due to Corona Virus, it is a good idea to reinforce and set in the right place Mental aspects like the ones included here. Gain an edge!


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