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37. Two Clashing Perspectives? Bring the genius into the Team, PotW #8

Two apparent opposing stances for an athlete to adopt... Let's reconcile that.

Season 1, episode 38
14 min / Published

Are you the type of athlete that wants to stand out 👨‍🎨 from the opposition and make your team win? Having the will to outperform yourself and others can certainly be a good motivation force. But what are the menaces on having a fixed individualistic view on this?

  On this PotW we reflect on 2 main Perspectives/Cultures, we can encounter in team sports, and what are the potential consequences (positive and negative) that can come from each of those poles (as they can be allocated in a spectrum!)

  A good one to address some prejudicial factors, and prevent competitive distress and anxiety.

  Now, how will you creatively put your unique sports creativity in service of your team’s overall performance?

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  • What’s in it for you - (00:38)
  • The Individualist Vs Collectivist Context - (02:20)
  • Perils of being too individualistic oriented - (04:48)
  • Reconciliation of both sides + Hard work - (09:08)
  • Final Integration in respect to each player - (12:21)


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This episode is part of the PotW series
Post of the Week 4 EWS
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Building Psychology for Optimization in Sports and Mental Health
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