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43. 7 Ways to Overcome FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Because FOMO doesn't have to ruin our day, nor our lives.

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Do you ever struggle with FOMO, the fear of missing out? In this episode we discuss what FOMO is, what it does, and 7 ways to overcome it. Life is too short to live it with the fear of missing out on anything. Join encourager, Julie Lefebure, each Tuesday morning as she offers real encouragement for your real life right now through a fresh, hope-filled perspective, a lighthearted inspiration, and Biblical insight, all in about 15 minutes. Each episode will lift your spirits and equip you to be a light in this world. Find extra encouragement at julielefebure.com/resources/.

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Show notes

Do you struggle or have you ever struggled with FOMO, the fear of missing out? I'm thinking most people do or have. Except my husband. He doesn't seem to struggle with this at all. Maybe guys just don't deal with stuff like this as much as the girls do. I don't know. But this is the subject of today's episode. If FOMO isn't an issue for you, well I invite you to share this episode with someone who struggles with it. Because today we're peering into this fear of missing out, what it is, what it does, and how we can overcome FOMO. So, let's get into this episode to find some help, hope, and a whole lot of encouragement along the way.

Well, rats. Some of our friends went out together. Without us. We didn't receive an invitation. Ugh. I don't like it when this kind of stuff happens. As soon as I found out, I instantly went quiet, and my thoughts went wild. Before long my self-esteem followed and my self-worth shattered in a million pieces. All within a matter of minutes.

Thoughts like, "No one wants to hang out with you." "You are boring and unworthy." And, "Your friends are finding different friends."

Ridiculous, I know.

But being completely transparent with you, that's where my mind went. But, I know better. I've learned over the last few years how to combat thinking like this. I know where these thoughts came from, and they weren't from God. I don't have to believe every thought I think. (We talked about this in episode 39, What in the World Are We Thinking?). There's no doubt these thoughts were directly from the enemy of my soul. And sadly, I entertained them and allowed them to affect my mood, my attitude and my life.

All because of FOMO.

So, after realizing all of this, I did what you probably would have done right away. I prayed and invited God in to my situation. Something happens when we turn to God with our problems and struggles. Something happens within us. And we remember we aren't so alone in whatever we're going through in the moment. Sure, I was still a bit sad, but I determined this was not going to ruin the rest of my day. I was determined to overcome FOMO.

Because I believe we can overcome FOMO.

And I share seven ways to do that in this episode, full of encouragement and hope.

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