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49. Transferring Wisdom from Poker to Performance Areas, Mental Training w/ Tommy Angelo

To Get Unstuck from "Tilt"! Context & Mental Tips coming from the Poker Realm

Season 1, episode 49
1 hr 4 min / Published

 Wondering what standing at a poker table ♠️ can teach other sports contexts? This is the fittest episode for that. Grabbing from qualities like Patience, Composure, Emotional Management, and a bunch of others herein described, we get Poker Pro and Mental Game Coach - Tommy Angelo!

 With a growing personal interest in Poker, our Host, Gonçalo Marques started to look after some specialists in this area that could provide great value for E-W-S. And this man was a top choice! Thrilled to receive him and bring some concepts of the poker game to produce some useful metaphors!  

 He got in contact with Mindfulness philosophy and practices, and not only it improved his quality of life while in a troubled period of his life, but also led to significant improvements in his consistency and A-game at the poker tables.

 He shares here some of his art of Stillness, of having robustness, and facing Competitors in positive ways. This, and much more relevant topics for any athlete. Reasons enough to listen in?  

++ Listen from the min (55:30) to hear about Tommy’s book that we are offering 2 exemplars if you comment down below!


  • Intro + Preview + Offer! > (01:50) ;
  • Tommy’s Journey and Progress > (05:20) ;
  • On Building Consistency & B-Game > (08:01) ;
  • On Dealing with Opponents and Competition > (09:50) ;
  • On Composure On the field in tough spots > (12:42) ;
  • On Distraction and Proper Focus + Breathing > (16:01) ; 
  • Simple Effective Trainings (for Concentration) > (21:23) ;
  • “A Raising tide raises all boats” > (24:04) ;
  • Some Mental Afflictions > (28:32) ;
  • On “Reducing Unhappiness” > (32:33) ;
  • More Concentration Exercises > (35:00) ;
  • On Tilt plays and “Tiltless” + Compassion and Gratitude > (37:37) ;
  • The Controllables + Blaming externals or ourselves > (45:22) ;
  • On Luck + Learning from Bad beats > (52:02) ; 
  • Dailyness and Consistent Practices > (55:31) ;
  • #1 Ingredient for E-W-S > (01:02:06) ; 


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