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5 Reasons to NEVER Buy Preworkout Again (And What to Do Instead)

How to Handle Your Supplementation for Maximum Gains and Cost Efficiency

Season 1, episode 12
14 min / Published

Preworkouts are one of the most heavily marketed products in the fitness industry, and it seems like every fitness influencer is now making their own preworkout as an extra revenue stream. But even the best of these preworkout formulations are not worth your money if you are on a budget. Here we discuss 5 reasons why you should NOT buy a preworkout, and how to better handle your supplementation in order to maximize your gains while also not breaking the bank!

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Supplement Reviews:

Creatine: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7eSP...


Beta Alanine:


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Show notes

·        Intro:

o   Moreplatesmoredates, Coach greg, kinobody, JYM all have been promoting preworkouts

o   Then other companies also have sold millions of containers of preworkouts (C4, ghost, etc

o   But today I’m here to tell you why these preworkouts are wasting your money and causing you to leave a ton of gains on the table

·        Reason #1: Incorrect Ingredients

o   Ingredients included that do not have scientific backing OR have even been proven NOT to work

§  Ex: tyrosine, betaine anhydrous, kanna

o   Or fail to include ingredients that DO have more scientific backing

§  Ex: many preworkouts are not including creatine, which while you don’t need to take it preworkout, it is still the number one supplement and many are missing out on it by thinking their preworkout has all the supplements they need other than whey

·        Reason #2: Incorrect Dosing

o   Watch my supplement review videos you will notice that we always talk about how these supplements are studied at certain doses which are found to be efficacious

o   Because it is obviously cheaper to include LESS, most premade preworkouts are including doses lower than what has been scientifically studied

§  Ex: C4 includes 1 g L-Citrulline (vs the 6g needed) and 1.6 g Beta alanine instead of the 3.2-6.4 needed

o   Doses also ideally should be based on body weight

§  If you are a smaller female (50kg) you will need less than if you are larger male (100kg)

·        Even if you have a GREAT preworkout which actually avoids problems 1 and 2, the next 3 reasons are going to apply to basically any premade preworkout you could buy

·        Reason #3: Not Customized to YOUR Needs

o   Based on scientific mechanisms and what exercises/situations the supplements have been proven to help

§  Creatine: exercises < 20 seconds

§  Beta Alanine: exercises > 30 seconds

§  HMB: in fasting states/extreme caloric deficits

§  Citrulline: high blood pressure, problems recovering, high intensity exercises <20 seconds

o   Essentially are wasting money by including ingredients which are not helping your specific situation/exercise routine

·        Reason #4: No Daily Flexibility

o   You are taking the same dose of each supplement all at the same time each day when you use a premade preworkout

o   Ex: Creatine

§  Shown to be better absorbed when taken with meals and does NOT need to be taken before a workout

§  Should be taking every day, even when not working out (but if you are getting your creatine from a preworkout you wouldn’t want to take the extra caffeine that is in a preworkout if you aren’t working out

§  Loading dose of creatine allows you to get to effect faster, can’t do this with a preworkout because you would be taking insane doses of other supplements (need 4-5 times your eventual maintenance dose daily for first 7 days)

o   Ex: HMB

§  If you want to go in an extreme deficit for a month, then take HMB that month, but would not benefit you once you go out of the deficit

·        Reason #5: Too Expensive:

o   Gorilla Mind: Need 2 “servings” to get to correct dose = $50 for 20 true servings = $2.50/day

o   Kino Octane: $44.95 for 21 servings (no creatine) = $2.14/day

o   Coach Greg Pre-Workout: $54.95 for a true ~25 servings (no creatine) = $2.20/day

o   JYM Pre: $64.99 for 20 servings (his servings are true servings) = $3.25/day

o   Ghost: $44.95 for a true ~18 servings (no creatine) = $2.50/day

o   C4: hard to even say how many true servings as they are no where close but ~6 true servings for $30 = $5.00/day

o   But is there a cheaper way? This leads me to what you should do instead of buying these premade preworkouts…

·        What to Do Instead:

o   Buy the supplements YOU need individually!

o   Avoids all 5 pitfalls of the premade preworkouts!

§  #1: Can only include ingredients/supplements that are backed by science

§  #2: Can use the correct dosing of each individual supplement based on your body weight

§  #3: Can choose supplements based on your specific, current situation

·        Deficit? Get HMB

·        Only strength? Creatine and maybe citrulline but avoid beta alanine

§  #4: Can vary doses/supplements as needed

·        Get that loading dose of creatine while avoiding extra caffeiene on your off day but in your loading phase

·        Take creatine with meals instead of preworkout

·        If your situation changes, can tweak your supplements

§  #5: MUCH cheaper!

·        Example (Bulk Supplements):

·        Creatine Monohydrate: $55.96 for 200x 5g (5g/day = $0.28/day)

·        Caffeine: $12.96 for 120 x 200mg (400mg/day  = $0.22/day)

·        Beta-Alanine: $25.96 for 333x 3g (5g/day = $0.13/day)

·        Citrulline: $44.96 for 333x 3g (6g/day = $0.27/day)

·        HMB: $56.96 for 1000x 1g (3g/day = $0.17/day)


·        Can pick and choose the best supplements based on your budget:

o   Ex: if only have $0.50 to spend a day, then only get caffeine and creatine

·        Outro/Next Steps:

o   Highly recommend you learn which supplements are beneficial for your situation and buy those as we just talked about

§  Check out my videos to do so

o   Part of my coaching packages is supplementation strategies so if you set up a free consultation with me, this is something we can talk about


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