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60. Let's Evolve - Mindful Sports Performance Enhancement MSPE, w/ Tim Pineau PhD

Bringing Mindfulness Trainings and day-to-day Principles for E-W-S

Season 2, episode 60
55 min / Published

 EWS Expert talk, w/ Dr. Tim Pineau ☯️ - Researcher and Clinical Psychotherapist; co-creator of the Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement program (MSPE); Author, and Sports Consultant.

 We went over things like how Mindfulness principles can be applied to student-athletes lives; talked about ways on how to be at ease, and even grow professionally and personally, from difficult emotions; talked about appropriate times to be in auto-pilot mode, and, on the flip side, some hindrances that it can bring; the type of self-criticism that functions as an impairing element to performance; and touched on another topics and curious facts.  

 All in all, this is a colleague of mine that I love by his stance of having integrative views and treating the athlete or coach as a person in his/her whole with needs and wishes that go beyond the sports realm, and that is clearly manifested in his work, also continuously integrating Mindfulness in all the team elements that he gets in touch with.

 Tim also has a Podcast in collaboration with lead Researcher on the field, Keith Kauffman, called Mindful Sport Performance Podcast. You can see more about their WORK and PROGRAM by clicking the words.



“Athletes who get caught in that trap are just more likely to make that mistake; what they are doing is that they are priming themselves (by punishment) to go down an anxiety hole.”

 “You can be the strongest, the fastest, the one with most endurance (...) but if your mind is not capable of letting your body do that, you’re never gonna perform to your full potential (on being mentally sound).”



  • Resume and Guest Intro > (02:00) ;
  • Tim’s Journey through the Clinical & Sport Psych > (07:40) ;
  • On Kabat-Zinn + Mindfulness & Sport Connection > (09:55) ;
  • MSPE Program (Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement) > (13:15) ;
  • MSPE Principles in Student-Athletes’ lives > (15:40) ;
  • Reflexive Reactions and Auto-pilot Mode Hindrances > (19:35) ;
  • Being at ease with difficult emotions > (25:35) ;
  • Hardwork on the Mental Side of Sports > (30:15) ;
  • Mindfulness Correlates with Flow Experiences > (37:35) ;
  • Example of an unusual sport - A Lesson on Relaxation and Moderation > (40:35) ;
  • Self-criticism as an impairing element > (42:55) ;
  • Ranges of quality - Poker example > (45:30) ;
  • (!) Tim’s view to E-W-S - Being Mentally Sound... > (48:10) ;
  • Final Considerations and Tim’s Work > (50:15)


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