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72. Failure Does Not Exist, @What Drives Winning - PotW #16

Brett Ledbetter brings in a Stellar conversation around Failure to tweak our Perception of it for Good (Extra Clip from Kobe Bryant)

Season 2, episode 72
19 min / Published

What Drives Winning? 😼 A cool way to introduce this PotW from one of our favorite Youtube Channels. Here Brett Ledbetter brings in a Stellar conversation around Failure to tweak our Perception of it for Good (plus, with an EXTRA clip from Kobe Bryant! - one should look closer at this man's Legacy 🙏).

 So, I hope we finally hammered this home to hone the goodies of making mistakes. 

 When you fail at something... Do you usually get frustrated? Demoralized? Worrying about what other start to think? Pressured by the boooo-ing from the crowds? This episode assists in all of that! And never too much to emphasize the YT Channel "What Drives Winning", collecting and sharing inspiring stories around Sports in the USA.

 What will you start to implement more when you commit an error, that you got from this episode? Share with us how you will deal more effectively with failure from now on... in orderto Efficiently Work your Sports Practice (!)


References: About Brett Ledbetter  |  Youtube Video & Channel 

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