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8. Tools of Recovery Part 1: Disclosure

Exactly what is a full disclosure and why is it so necessary.

Season 1, episode 8
30 min / Published

Disclosure a pivotal and powerful moment in recovery. It's both terrifying and transformational.  Often describes as ground zero--or the moment our marriage truly began--it can also be an extremely daunting and painful experience.

Disclosure is a planned facilitated event where a husband reads out a prepared document to his wife detailing his sexual acting out with porn or other people. In this episode we share honestly about our own experience and give practical ways to prepare beforehand. We also reveal that although the whole process was extremely challenging, we are extremely grateful that it happened. 

Show notes

To look at our resources or ask the team a question go to www.fightforloveministries.org 

Looking for a Christian Certified Sexual Addition Therapist to facilitate your disclosure: www.resolvetherapy.org 

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Fight For Love
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How to take back your marriage from porn
Episode comments

I will say that I’ve had a disclosure but I may do another one. However, I no longer believe they are the end all be all. I believe it’s for both the addict and the betrayed. It’s painful for both. It’s horrible for both. Although they can be helpful, they can also be done poorly and be hurtful. Many disclosures are just the beginning and not really the whole story. Often times the addict remembers more later. This is not on purpose necessarily. It’s just how the human brain works. I also don’t like the idea that we literally ask the addict to keep things hidden until the big disclosure. This feels very counterintuitive. We want the addict to come clean and stop hiding and lying and then they are literally told not to say anything about what they’ve been doing until the time of the disclosure. 

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