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AI & machine learning in Soil Sciences, IMSOGLO, past/future of Soil Sciences & Soil Modeling

Prof. Peter Finke - a full Professor at the Department of Environment, Ghent University

1 hr 38 min / Published
By Nazerke

Episode description:
In this episode, we talk about AI & machine learning in Soil Sciences, IMSOGLO, the Past/Future of Soil Sciences & Soil Modelling, Inspirations, Books, Advice, and more topics. 

In between the questions, Prof. Finke shares his experiences and always gives simple and funny examples to make his ideas rather deliberate. So, surely you can also listen to this episode to make your day feel better! 

About our guest:
Prof. Peter Finke is a Full Professor at the Department of Environment, Ghent University, and IMSOGLO program director and academic coordinator at Ghent University. On Google Scholar, there are 158 articles, 6 books, and many other works of Prof. Finke that are available in the link below.

Perhaps, better to put Prof. Finke's own description from his LinkedIn account (link below) about his work: "These days I aim to develop and extend soil formation models that assist in the quantification of effects of global change on soil properties (and vice versa)." 

0:00   Who is Professor Peter Finke
1:20   The "simple motivation" for organizing the IMSOGLO program
7:08   Why Aarhus, BOKU, Gottingen Universities?  /  "We also asked others, but... "
10:59   Why do IMSOGLO have only two majors? 
13:40   Will machine learning / AI / soil modeling / bioinformatics be included in IMSOGLO?
19:35   What has changed after the 2007 interview?
27:42   The International Union of Soil Sciences
29:56   How to become a member of Soil Science unions
31:28   Soil Modelling is essential? Why?
35:00   Two futures of Soil Modelling (Prof. Finke's Ph.D. story)
39:35   Future of Soil Mapping 
41:37   Can Advanced Modeling and Digital Soil Mapping replace/reduce fieldworks in the future?
47:08   "I can name two people who inspired me..., and one of them invented the Precision Agriculture..."
51:00   The lessons I learned from these two people
54:40   I read "The Lord of the Rings" in one weekend!
1:00:05   What skills are essential for students in the future?
1:04:00   "Think very clearly what is driving you... be careful! ..."
1:11:30   Don't trust the politicians! 
1:19:37   Science is better than an opinion. Why?
1:22:40   Advice for all students  /  "Sleep minimally 6 hours, and..."
1:26:30   For "Procrastinator Students."
1:29:24   Belgium style of preparing for an exam (with beer) 
1:30:48   The meaning of life is a movie...
1:33:34   My meaning of life is not fulfilled; something is missing...
1:36:00   How/Where to find me online

Prof. Peter Finke's Google Scholar:

Prof. Peter Finke's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterfinke?miniProfileUrn=urn%3Ali%3Afs_miniProfile%3AACoAAAKM6c4BwnTWAVi61as2BRBJmxPepPj3J_8&lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_search_srp_all%3BCPde2ngQSPypM00jEo%2F5HQ%3D%3D

About the IMSOGLO program:

The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS):

Nazerke Amangeldy
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/annazeka_

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