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Alternative Medicine for Chronic Illness – Integrative Manual Therapy

Tap into Your Body’s Natural Healing Ability

Season 1, episode 19
40 min / Published

Today’s episode is different but a must for those of us who live with chronic ailments. Join your host Veronika as she and guest, Alison Leitheiser, discuss Integrative Manual Therapy(IMT). Learn how this alternative and integrative therapy helps you help yourself. Tapping into the body’s natural healing ability, Integrative Manual Therapy treats the whole person allowing you to be congruent and healthy - mind, body and spirit. 


  • Alison's Backstory [00:01:34]
  • Finding Integrative Manual Therapy [00:03:17]
  • Alison Became an Alternative Health Care Practitioner [00:04:45]
  • What is Integrative Manual Therapy? [00:07:52]
  • Intensives - Healing as Community [00:09:17]
  • Integrative Manual Therapy Helps with Autism Spectrum Disorder [00:11:23]
  • How it Felt to be 17 and Facing the Insurmountable [00:15:53]
  • How Long Does it Take to See Results with Integrative Manual Therapy?  [00:18:56]
  • Can Integrative Manual Therapy Help with Trauma? [00:21:45]
  • How Can I use Integrative Manual Therapy to BE Successful in Business? [00:24:44]
  • Testing Integrative Manual Therapy with the Vagus Nerve [00:27:33]
  • Helping Your Children Succeed Using IMT [00:32:03]
  • Learn Integrative Manual Therapy Techniques Online [00:33:26]
  • IMT Stories of Success [00:34:52]
  • Connect with Allison [ 00:36:19]
  • Your Body is Worth Fighting For! [00:37:06]
  • Quote of the Day [00:40:27]


About Alison Leitheiser:

Fighting for her life at a young age Alison grew up knowing she wanted to learn and teach the techniques that helped her go from a quadriplegic to a competitive athlete. Today as an Alternative Health Care Practitioner and a Health Coach who specializes in Integrative Manual Therapy, Alison helps her clients heal, recover, perform, and connect to the best version of themselves.

About Veronika & The Biz Essentials:

Are you struggling to get your business off the ground? Do you feel defeated, personally or professionally? The Biz Essentials Podcast is here to help! Host Veronika Childs has overcome some of life’s greatest challenges. From starting a business, to overcoming childhood trauma, extreme weight loss, a cancer-scare, and battling imposter syndrome. Through she struggles she hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams! On the Biz Essentials Podcast, Veronika will teach you how she was able to start living for adventure, rather than fear and self-doubt. She shares her own advice in building a business, as well as bringing on guests who are experts in their fields. The Biz Essentials Podcast is here to inspire and direct your path to a brighter future. Have a question, or want to be featured on the show? Reach out for ways to get connected today!

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Link to Trailer:  

Link to Video Version: https://youtu.be/vyFv54WLavQ

Link to 2nd Clip - Heal Trauma Using Integrative Manual Therapy: https://youtu.be/uZh2CzWaIOQ

Link to Blog: https://thebizessentials.com/alison-leitheiser/



** Connect with Alison:**


Website: https://inner-restoration.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/innerrestoration

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alisoncleit

Pinterest: https://br.pinterest.com/alisonleitheise

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alisonleitheise


**Connect with The Biz Essentials:**

Website: www.thebizessentials.com

Email: Podcast@TheBizEssentials.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBEessentials

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebizessentials/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thebizessentialspodcast


**Connect with Veronika**

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/veronikaventures

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/veronikaventures

Twitter: https://twitter.com/veronikaventure

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